Do You Know Airplane Etiquette? 13 Most Frequently Ignored Rules

    Do You Know Airplane Etiquette? 13 Most Frequently Ignored Rules

    5:28 PM EDT, June 14, 2022

    Air travel has become very common these days. Anyone can purchase a ticket and go on vacation to any country. However, during the flight you should follow a few rules. All in order not to make the journey more difficult for yourself and your fellow passengers. Airplane savoir-vivre is based primarily on good manners.

    #1 Airplane Attendants Are Not Waiters in the Sky


    Airplane attendants are not waiters or servants and you should treat them with respect. You must strictly follow their instructions, even though you may not agree with them in spirit. Stewards are properly trained and know exactly how to behave in a given (and most importantly, crisis) situation. Their instructions and directions are dictated by their concern for your safety.

    # 2 "Service is to Blame" - not True


    Turbulence, inclement weather, any delays, unpalatable food or the condition of the aircraft is not up to the staff. Don't blame them for it.

    # 3 Hand Luggage


    Small hand luggage (handbag, small backpack) should be placed under the seat in front of you. This will give you easy and quick access to it. The overhead compartment is better reserved for suitcases. Of course, try to place your luggage in such a way that other passengers can also add their bags there.

    # 4 Changing Baby's Diapers on Board an Airplane


    Change the diaper of your child in the toilet (do not do it in front of other passengers). There are changing facilities there.

    # 5 Leaping Over Your Knees


    To let a passenger through to their window seat (and you are sitting on the aisle side), be sure to lift yourself slightly off your seat. Do not subject strangers to jumping over your lap.

    # 6 Fighting for a Comfortable Seat


    There is not much space in economy class and the aisles are narrow. Therefore, do not block the aisle (by talking in the middle of the aisle) and always let the moving food cart pass.

    # 7 Seat Acrobatics


    When getting up from their seat, many people automatically grab the seat in front of them. Don't do this as it's very uncomfortable for the occupant (seats recline very easily). If you want to recline your seat, make sure that the person behind you does not mind. Absolutely do not do it when a fellow passenger has a table spread out and is eating a meal.

    # 8 Hair in the Drink


    Don't disturb your fellow passengers or get into their comfort zone. Not everyone feels like chatting. In addition, do not bring strong smelling food on board, as nobody wants to smell fish or sausage in the cabin. Also, make sure that your hair does not get into another person's drink or meal.

    # 9 Alcohol


    Some airlines offer alcohol on board. Drink in moderation and remember that alcohol goes to your head more easily in the clouds.

    # 10 Exposed Feet

    Taking off your shoes is very controversial. If you absolutely want to do it, make sure you have clean socks. Naked feet are not attractive. Absolutely do not put them on the wall or another passenger's seat. This is a very rude behavior that reduces the comfort of the trip.

    # 11 When Lights Go Out


    During night flights, the lights in the cabin are turned off, but not all passengers go to sleep. If you are not sleepy, keep quiet and do not disturb other people. Do not have loud conversations, listen to music only through headphones and if you want to read a book then turn on the small light that is located in a panel on the ceiling.

    # 12 Fast Unbuckling


    After landing, do not immediately unbuckle your seat belt and rush to the exit. Wait for the appropriate announcement. You should remain in your seats until the plane has come to a complete stop. In addition, the whole procedure of opening the door takes some time, so there is no need to rush.

    # 13 Dog on Board


    Drying your panties on the deck. It takes imagination 😉

    BONUS 2


    They treated the plane like a beauty salon.

    What other principles would you add to this list?

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