23 Little Social Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

    23 Little Social Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

    23 Little Social Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow
    2:00 AM EDT, October 12, 2020

    Etiquette is not just about which fork to use. It’s showing respect for yourself and everyone else in your little corner of the planet. In a world where rudeness often reigns, why not stand out for being polite and thoughtful?Here are 23 easy ways to share more kindness and less saltiness this year.

    1. DINNER if you invite someone, the bill is on you. If you'd prefer that everyone pays for themselves is best saying, "Let's go out for dinner", avoid saying "Join me for dinner" is you're short of cash.
    2. VISIT never comes unannounced, if anyone comes without notice, remember that others can be in a bathrobe, in rollers and not everyone looks like Ariana Grande in an onesie.

    3. PHONE do not place the phone at the dinner table, avoid checking your Insta likes of Facebook , otherwise, you make give the impression that you are not enjoying the company you are in.

    4. DATE do not interrupting people when they are talking anon not ask someone on a date if you plan to catch up on your Social Media all evening.

    5. SUNGLASSES take your sunglasses off when you are talking to someone you, we like to see people's reaction and remember that "eye are the window to our soul"

    6. FRIENDS treat your friends , and friends of your friends in the same manner, if you greet politely one , you must greet the other same way, do not just  stare at strangers in public without acknowledging them.

    7. SHOES your shoes should always be clean, besides, remember gents that a lady always judges her man by his shoes 😜


    8. 101 avoid meaningless phone calls. If you care to talk to someone, you better meet in person, socialising will show them that you not only mean business but you appreciate them as your friend.

    9. INSULTS if someone insults you, try not to get at their level, rememberer "when they go low, we go high", just apologize and wait for the air to cool off, most definitely they will meet you halfway and apologize also.


    10. DOORS do not let the door slam in anyones face when you enter or exit a building, regardless of your gender, hold the door open for the person behind you.

    11. DRIVERS should remember that driving into a puddle with impelling force will always lead to splashed pedestrian. Be a polite driver.

    12. PRIVACY works both ways, not only for you but also for the sake of those that surround you. Consider these nine golden rules to be kept in secret: wealth, family affairs, religious opinions, health, own interests, gifts, honor, and dishonor.

    13. PHYSICAL CONTACT avoid being close and touchy without asking if it doesn't make someone uncomfortable first. Hold the hand above the elbow if you must draw their attention.

    14. WHISTLING unless you're a cab driver, whistling to or at someone is not really considered polite or just take an UBER.

    15. PERFUMES if you can still smell them at the evening, think how tired your loved ones must be.


    16. RESPECT maintain the same level of respect for all people you meet, from a pilot to a garbage truck man, respect isn't given to us is earned!


    17. SMOKING if you are a smoker, ask if its OK that you light up a cigarette, there are too many people who can not tolerate smoke.

    18. ARRIVING it doesn't matter whether you are the first one to enter a room, you should always be the first one to greet.

    19. CORRESPONDENCE respect private correspondence, even you live with your roommate for ages, give them privilege to open their own mail

    20. TRENDS don’t try to chase fashion. It is better to wear what looks good on you, even if you don’t follow the trends.

    21. I FORGIVE but DO NOT FORGET forgive and apologize for bad behavior, then do not come back to the same topic over & over again, it can not change anything you'll be just running in the same circles, never-ending story.

    22. LAUGH we all like to be happy, be if you laugh loudly in public then be prepared to share the amusement with others, it is impolite to react in such a manner and disregard others of the same pleasure

    23. GIVE THANKS to your loved ones, and don't forget to assure them how valuable they are in your life. Be nice to everyone.



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