13 Unsurpassed Records of the Animal League from Most Weird & Wonderful

    13 Unsurpassed Records of the Animal League from Most Weird & Wonderful

    13 Unsurpassed Records of the Animal League from Most Weird &  Wonderful
    5:42 PM EST, November 6, 2020

    There is no shortage of true record holders in the animal world. Some of them can outclass the competition with their extraordinary skills. This is the animal league of masters.

    1 . The Longest Tongue has…

    A chameleon! It is covered with mucus and during the hunt, it protrudes twice the body length of this vertebrate. The speed is also impressive. The chameleon ejects its tongue in 20 milliseconds and immediately grabs its prey. The eyes, which can move independently of each other in opposite directions, help him to perform such precise operations.


    2. Shrew Shrinks its Skulls for Winter

    It is a tiny mammal found in Poland. Its body length does not exceed 3 inches. Interestingly, it feeds day and night, and during the day it is able to eat as many insects as it weighs. A 10 hours without food is a death sentence for a shrew. Its skull gets smaller by absorbing bone tissue to help the animals to save energy when food is scarce. Can you do that?


    3. The Most Faithful Mammals Are ...

    Wolves! They are extremely family-oriented animals, which are reunited in pairs for life. They start their lives in February, and at the turn of April and May puppies are born. Wolves communicate with each other by means of body language (they show their teeth, cuddle, lick, bite and growl). However, when the male dies, the female very rarely seeks a new partner and remains a widow for the rest of her life.


    4. The Fastest Bird is…

    Peregrine falcon, during the hunt, can fall on its prey from above, like a bullet, at over 211 miles/h and crushes its neck. It is characterized by a stocky silhouette and extremely sharp eyesight.


    5. Jumps the Furthest

    The one that jumps the furthers is a flea. Can jump up, to 19 inches (single stroke). It owes this to its muscles, in which a special substance accumulates, allowing it to make even 30 thousand jumps without rest.


    6. The Best Hearing has…

    Even better than a bartender is a butterfly, which captures sounds of 300 kHz. On the other hand, man is able to hear sounds with a maximum frequency of 20 kHz. Scientists suppose that butterflies have developed such good hearing that they can communicate freely with each other and remain inaudible to bats that hunt them.


    7. Among Insects, Their Bite Is the Toughest …

    Bullet ants (Paraponera clavata). These insects can be found in the Amazon, and their bite is compared to the pain you feel after being shot. Interestingly, strong pain disappears only after 24 hours. One scientist compared them to walking on hot coals with their feet, into which nails are stuck.


    8. Multiple Partners

    Sea elephants are mammals that form harems, where there are from 50 to 200 females per male. However, only the strongest individuals have the right to do so. Smaller and weaker sea elephants have to stay away.


    9. The Fastest Land Animal is a…

    Cheetah! It is a real animal sprinter. In just a few seconds it can accelerate to over 43 miles/h. However, at the heat of a chase, it can speed up to 74 miles/h easily.


    10. The Most Dangerous of Jellyfish is…

    Box jellyfish! This murderer lives off the northern coast of Australia. Her venom is able to kill an adult within minutes of the burn. It paralyzes the nervous system and paralyzes the heart. However, all the venom that is present in the body of jellyfish can kill 60 people. The adult's senses grow up to 3 meters long.


    11. The Strongest Animal ...

    Dung beetle - Onthophagus Taurus. This insect can lift more than 1000 times its weight. It can be compared to a man with a weight of 154lbs, who lifts an object weighing 80 tons.


    12. The Most Powerful Electric Shock ...

    Electric eel! It swims in the rivers of the Amazon and electrocutes its victims with 860 V. Such a power has a newly discovered species - Electrophorus voltai (the world learned about it in 2019), which occurs mainly in southern Brazil.


    13. The Smallest Mammal in the World is …

    Etruscan shrew. It is just under 2 inches short (with a tail - about 3 inches ) and weighs only 2,5 g. It can be found in northern Africa and southern Europe. It leads a nightlife and is extremely voracious. Throughout the day she eats food equivalent to 1/3 body weight.

    Which record do you think is the most impressive?

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