Always Water Petunias With This Mixture. They Bloom Abundantly Then up to the Very Fall

    Always Water Petunias With This Mixture. They Bloom Abundantly Then up to the Very Fall

    Always Water Petunias With This Mixture. They Bloom Abundantly Then up to the Very Fall
    11:50 AM EDT, May 13, 2023, updated: 9:58 AM EDT, May 17, 2023

    Petunias are very popular flowers for balconies. Their beautiful flowers please the eye from early spring, until the very fall. Or actually even until the first frosts. They require different care than its biggest competitor, the geranium. However, it is not difficult to grow, if you know the basics of its care and follow a few rules. Above all, it is important to know how to water petunias.

    #Balcony Petunias


    Petunias need a relatively sunny place. They are not fond of drafts, although not too strong wind does not harm them. The frequency of watering surfinia (petunia) boxes or pots depends on the container and on the position.

    Flowers kept in dark boxes dry out earlier. Those densely planted also. The larger the box you choose, the less often you will have to water these beautiful flowers.

    Petunia come in a variety of colors, although purple, white and coral are the most popular. They are also often larger and longer than the newer varieties in red, yellow, or purple (star-shaped).

    #How to Water Petunias?

    The secret to growing petunia lies in watering them properly. The larger the plant and it has more flowers, the more water it will need. However, it is very easy to overwater it. Let's not panic when the plant wilts. It will revive in a few minutes as soon as we water it.

    The first signs that a petunia is dry are its sticky leaves. They fall off and stick to each other and to the stem. This is the time to supply water.


    #How to Fertilize Petunias?

    This method is already used by many petunia owners. A simple way to water it properly is to prepare water with fertilizer specially designed for surfinias.

    However, it should be significantly diluted so that you can water petunia with fertilizer every time they have a dry spell. Then we have no worries about forgetting to feed it with fertilizer. Also, there is no need to bother when it was last fed.

    In hot weather, this way of watering the surfinery with only water with a very small amount of fertilizer will prevent it from drying out too quickly. The mixed water with fertilizer will properly hydrate and nourish it. In addition, proper fertilization prevents the flowers from fading. They then maintain a constantly intense color. However, if the flowers fade, it means that the plant gets too little fertilizer.

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