17 Questions Flight Attendants Get Asked Most Frequently

    17  Questions Flight Attendants Get Asked Most Frequently

    6:13 PM EDT, May 24, 2021, updated: 11:13 AM EDT, May 27, 2021

    Ally Case is an American flight attendant living in Los Angeles. On her TikTok, she answers the most common questions about her job. Some of them seem obvious, others may surprise you.

    Here are some of the most interesting questions Ally was asked.


    # 1 "Do you have to pay for the hotel you sleep in?"

    No, it's paid for by my company.

    #2 "Do you have to share a hotel room with other flight attendants?"

    No, the rooms are single.

    #3 "Do you happen to be afraid of turbulence?"

    I think I'm used to it, but it's also a fact that turbulence is felt much less at the front of the plane than at the back.

    #4 "Can men be flight attendants too?"

    Well, sure. There are male flight attendants on many lines nowadays.

    #5 "Do flight attendants actually fly for free?"

    Yes, they fly 100% free domestically. However, on international flights, you pay exit taxes from the country you are flying out of.

    #6 "Can anyone else fly with you for free?"

    Yes, you can take your spouse, your siblings, your best friend and you can travel around the world.

    #7 "Do you always fly with the same people?"

    Almost never.

    #8 "Do the flight attendants eat the same food the passengers get?"

    Yes, all the same.

    #9 "How to set a flight attendant up with a positive attitude"

    Food, candy + gift cards to Starbucks.

    #10 "Can flight attendants sleep on long flights?"

    Yes, we have a special crew area where we can sleep.

    #11 "Do you always have a packed suitcase?"

    Yes, always.

    #12 "Are you trained in first aid?"

    Yes, I am.

    #13 "Do you always fly the same routes?"

    Almost never.

    #14 "What's it like dating a flight attendant?"

    We travel really a lot, so you can guess that it's not easy.

    #15 "How many flight attendants work typically work on each flight?"

    An average of 4, but sometimes between 1 and 10.

    #16 "How many flights a day do you usually take?"

    Sometimes one and sometimes two, three, four.

    #17 "Do crew members spend their free time together between flights?"

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It varies.

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    Below is the full video that Ally shares (and few others on her channel with similar themes):

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