All the Things WD‑40 Can Do. You Have No Idea What Wonders It Is Capable Of!

    All the Things WD-40 Can Do. You Have No Idea What Wonders It Is Capable Of!

    5:13 PM EDT, July 6, 2023, updated: 11:31 AM EDT, July 7, 2023

    If you think that WD-40 is an agent designed for loosening rusty screws only, then you are wrong. There are many more things you can actually use it for. Once you discover them all, it will become number one on your current shopping list. Here comes the unbelievable list of WD-40 applications!

    Are you looking for a way to remove a stain, clean the toilet or take off a ring that seems to have got stuck forever? Grab a can of WD_40. This is going to work much faster than anything else in this world, including stain removers, grease or lubricants. Just find out yourself!

    #1 Snow on windows


    Spray WD-40 on your car windows and the snow won’t adhere to them anymore.

    #2 Chewing gum


    You can find it in your kid's hair, your carpet, sofa or shoes. Just spray the spot and rub it with a cloth. It is bound to come off!

    #3 Dirty toilet


    WD-40 is a highly effective toilet cleaning agent. Just spray it all over, leave for a couple of seconds and brush it all off.

    #4 Blunt scissors


    The scissors blades get blunt, which is nothing but normal wear and tear. To make them razor sharp again, spray them with WD-40.

    #5 Tea and coffee stains


    Apply some WD-40 on a dump sponge or cloth, and rub the stain with it.

    #6 Markers on the walls


    You left your child unattended for a minute and that was enough to get your walls repainted? Well, the only thing you can do now is to use WD-40. Spray it on the surface and wipe it clean. Remember this is only going to work with smooth walls.

    #7 Taking off stuck rings


    Instead of some drastic measures, first spray the finger with WD-40 and then just take the ring off. It should go smoothly.

    #8 Soap residue on shower


    To keep you shower clean, you have to clean it well every time you use it. Otherwise soap and calcium residue might accumulate.

    If that happens, spray WD-40 and polish the shower well.

    #9 Waterproof boots


    Instead of spending lots of money on dedicated waterproofing agents, go for the WD-40 alternative; spray it all over your footwear and keep walking comfortable and dry.

    #10 Labels


    If you can’t remove the label off a bottle or a jar, spray WD-40 onto it, leave it for 5 minutes and then just rub it off with a sponge.

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