The Windows Key Has Got a Number of Applications. But 90% People Have No Idea What It Is There for at All

    The Windows Key Has Got a Number of Applications. But 90% People Have No Idea What It Is There for at All

    6:24 PM EDT, April 20, 2022

    Now test yourselves and find out how much you (don't) know about computers. The Windows key you will find on most keyboards used with Windows-based computers is not there to run the START menu only. Did you know that? You need to find out what else you could use it for!

    This magic 'window' together with other keys can make your work much easier and there is plenty of time you can save thanks to it, too.

    Some of us spend hours at our computers. No matter if it's work, movies, blogs or computer games, our keyboard is an indispensible piece of hardware. To make our work and/or entertainment easier there are some shortcuts with the windows key we all should know.


    Windows key

    - it runs the START MENU

    Windows + A

    - it opens the Action Center with notifications

    Windows + B

    - setting focus in the notification area

    Windows + C

    - shows Charm Bar in Windows 8 and 8.1 and in Windows 10 it opens Cortana (available in some countries only)

    Windows + D

    - showing or hiding desktop

    Windows + E

    - opening file explorer

    Windows + F

    - opens 'Find files and folders'

    Windows + Ctrl + F

    - finding other computers (if you work in a network)

    Windows + G

    - in Windows 10 it opens the panel for games

    Windows + K

    - opening the fast action Connect

    Windows + L

    - blocking the computer or switching the accounts

    Windows + M

    - minimizing all open windows

    Windows + ⇧ Shift + M

    - re-opens the windows that have been minimized

    Windows + O

    - it blocks the device orientation

    Windows + P

    - it switches the external monitors/ projectors (only in Windows 7 and later versions)

    Windows + Q

    - it opens the panel of application finder

    Windows + R

    - It opens the RUN dialog window

    Windows + T

    - it marks the task bar and allows you to choose a running application

    Windows + U

    - it runs the settings manager

    Windows + W

    - it opens the working space of Windows

    Windows + X

    - it opens the menu with access to basic applications of the Control Panel

    Windows + Y

    - it runs Yahoo! Messenger (as long as it is installed on your device)

    And now a moment of truth: how many of the shortcuts were you familiar with?
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