Things You Can Do with Your Hairspray You Had No Idea of

    Things You Can Do with Your Hairspray You Had No Idea of

    Things You Can Do with Your Hairspray You Had No Idea of
    6:33 PM EDT, July 7, 2020

    Some of us find it impossible to style our hair without hairspray. Even if you don’t use it on everyday basis, you will find it in almost every single bathroom. Believe it or not, hairspray has got a number of applications that go far outside bathroom and hairstyling.

    #1 Use hairspray to thread a needle. Apply some on the end of the thread – it will be much easier now to thread it / /

    #2 Hair-sprayed zippers don’t slide open so easily

    #3 If you want to remove ink stains, apply hairspray onto them and let it sit there for a couple of minutes. Then wash the clothes.

    #4 A bit of hairspray will let you style your eyebrows perfectly Mascara Mogul - Beauty by Erica Mascara Mogul - Beauty by Erica

    #5 The shoes will shine longer if you spray them Hair Hair

    #6 Make your clothes feel much better

    #7 Use hairspray so that your hairpins won’t come off your hair Salon/Spa Salon/Spa

    #8 Spray your pantyhose to prevent them from tearing

    #9 Get rid of your pet’s hair spraying some onto a piece of paper towel and then put it onto the clothes / Bowman / Bowman

    #10 Dry the nail polish within a few minutes using hairspray Jubilee Jubilee

    #11 Fix a screw that won’t sit in its spot

    #12 Spray the underneath of flower petals so that they will stay longer in the vase

    #13 Protect your shoelaces against undoing themselves

    #14 Make sure your feet don’t slip inside the shoe
    Which applications do you think you will test yourself let us know in your comments if they really worked.
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