How to Get Rid of Oil and Fuel Stains from Paving Stones? We Have Got a Quick and Easy Way!

    How to Get Rid of Oil and Fuel Stains from Paving Stones? We Have Got a Quick and Easy Way!

    12:05 PM EDT, September 8, 2022

    Cobble stones cover most of the space in plenty of yards. They look neat on driveways or sidewalks. However, they are quite susceptible to staining. How to get rid of oil stains from paving stones? Luckily, there are home remedies for this problem, too.

    Cobblestones readily absorb motor oil, fuel and any grease. Of course, you can buy already impregnated stones. They are actually less prone to absorbing dirt and it is definitely easier to remove any stains from them.

    However, there are no magic ways to keep grease from settling on the cubes. When cleaning cubes, short reaction time is very important. It is much easier to remove a fresh stain than one that has had time to dry and blend well into the concrete.


    Removing oil stains with dishwashing liquid

    To remove greasy stains, dishwashing liquid will work well. Dissolve it in water and start scrubbing the stains with a brush. Toilet cleaner will also work well in this case.

    If you know that a rainy day is coming, pour the dishwashing liquid on the greasy stains. The rain will act as a cleaning force and you won't have to pull out the brush. Remember that the stains will most likely not disappear after the first scrubbing. You will have to repeat the whole procedure until you get a satisfactory result.

    It is a good idea to sprinkle fresh stains with sand first. It will absorb the grease and ensure that it does not penetrate deep into the stone. Then clean the stain with dishwashing liquid.


    How to get rid of cube oil stains when home remedies fail

    If all home remedies fail, then reach for chemical preparations. Oily stains should clean:

    - acetone- or benzene-based solvent (gives good results when removing tar stains),

    - spray for cleaning motorcycles or go-karts chains,

    - specialized preparations for cleaning pavement.

    Before applying them, be sure to do a test on a small piece of pavement. Then you will see if the agents discolor the pavement.

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