3 Reasons Why Sleeping without a Duvet or a Blanket Is Impossible, Even on a Very Hot Night

    3 Reasons Why Sleeping without a Duvet or a Blanket Is Impossible, Even on a Very Hot Night

    3 Reasons Why Sleeping without a Duvet or a Blanket Is Impossible, Even on a Very Hot Night
    12:51 PM EDT, August 4, 2022, updated: 11:36 AM EDT, August 5, 2022

    I guess you remember the feeling when you wrap yourself tight in a duvet and close your eyes so that the imaginary monsters under the bed won’t spot you. And there is no way you dare to stick a toe out.

    Why does falling asleep is so much easier when we cover ourselves with something?

    Sleeping under a blanket helps us keep constant temperature

    A blanket or a duvet is a great ally of hot-blooded creatures like humans. Our body generates heat necessary to function properly. However, that costs of a lot of energy. It could be difficult to do it while we are sleeping and this is when duvets and blankets come in handy. They make our bodies ‘relax’ so that they no longer have to bother about the temperature.

    Moreover, the covering creates a kind of microclimate that warms our skin and, consequently, the external factors do not have so much impact on it.

    Blankets and duvets are part of our everyday routine

    Since we were kids, blankets and duvets have always been there in our bedrooms, just like beds and pillows. As a result, we can’t imagine another way of falling asleep. This could be a problem once we move to some tropical countries where it is common to sleep uncovered.

    A blanket or a duvet give us the sense of security reducing stress and anxiety

    Serotonin is one of the substances that play the key role in giving us the sense of happiness. It goes without saying that falling asleep when you are stressed and anxious is rather difficult. Once we use the blanket, the amount of the substance increases and the negative feelings slowly wear off. It is also connected with the fact that in a way our body is ‘protected’, which also improves our well-being.

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