Sleeping in the Same Bed Can Lead To Conflicts. Take a Look at Some Happy Couples with Separate Bedrooms

    Sleeping in the Same Bed Can Lead To Conflicts. Take a Look at Some Happy Couples with Separate Bedrooms

    Sleeping in the Same Bed Can Lead To Conflicts. Take a Look at Some Happy Couples with Separate Bedrooms
    12:23 PM EDT, June 16, 2022

    It is common among Japanese married couples to sleep apart. This custom is beginning to be practiced by more and more couples around the world.


    Separate Bedrooms

    Sleeping in separate beds may be associated with slow relationship breakdown and emotional frigidity. However, there are some extremely happy couples who choose to sleep in two bedrooms and in no way harm their relationship.

    # 1 Snoring

    Some people find it difficult to sleep together because one of them snores, breathes loudly, changes position frequently, or turns or twists in bed. These behaviors make the spouse chronically sleep-deprived. And fatigue only leads to arguments and causes frustration. In addition, sleeplessness also translates into poorer performance at work.

    # 2 Pets in Bed

    The bedroom can become a center of conflict, as couples sometimes find it difficult to come to an agreement on what can be done in bed. This includes sleeping with pets, eating or smoking in bed.

    # 3 The Power of Habit

    Sometimes two people have very different habits and preferences and find it difficult to sleep together. Some people can only fall asleep in complete darkness and are awakened by the slightest noise. Others have to keep a dim light on or only fall asleep with the TV on. The same goes for the level of warmth and temperature that should be present in the bedroom to make everyone feel comfortable.

    # 4 Comfort is paramount

    For many couples, sleeping separately is more comfortable. They don't have to constantly fight over the comforter or the TV remote. Plus, they don't get woken up by the other person getting up to go to the bathroom. By sleeping alone, they can relax and their nervous system gets proper rest.

    # 1 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip


    As it turned out, the couple had been sleeping in separate bedrooms for many years. The British press reported that the reason for this decision was Philip's numerous infidelities and the fact that he liked to sleep with the window open (even in winter). Therefore, the queen was simply freezing in their shared bedroom.

    # 2 George and Amal Clooney


    Clooney apparently snores loudly, while Amal has a light sleep and often woke up during the night.

    # 3 Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas


    Mrs Zeta-Jones admitted that she always wants to look attractive in the eyes of her husband. For this reason, the couple has two bedrooms.

    Do you sleep with your other half in the same bed or separately?

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