How to Sleep in Hot Weather? 3 Tricks from Egypt for Sleeping on Hot Nights without Air Conditioning

    How to Sleep in Hot Weather? 3 Tricks from Egypt for Sleeping on Hot Nights without Air Conditioning

    6:39 AM EDT, June 7, 2024

    If you're wondering how to sleep on hot days so that you don't keep waking up being slick with sweat. Here are 3 tricks that Egyptians use during hot nights. Not everyone has air conditioning, so these methods are free and don't require any special equipment.

    For most, the problem is not just falling asleep on hot days, but waking up constantly during the night. That's most often when you feel how hot your body is, and at the same time all wet with sweat droplets. It's hard to feel full of energy all day afterwards. Several days in a row and all a person thinks about then is the unmet need for sleep. However, there are a few simple tricks that people use to cool down and sleep better. It's hard to say which ones are the best. Something different will work for everyone.

    Don’t Do It. Not Only Will This Trick Not Help, It Will Actually Harm You

    For a long time on the web, a very popular trick on how to sleep on hot days is to take a cold shower before bed. On the "peasant reasoning" this should help our body as much as possible. After all, we just cooled them down, so we should sleep better. And the exact opposite is true. After taking a cold shower, your body thinks you are cold and warms you up more. So the quality of your sleep will be even worse, even if you manage to fall asleep with a pleasant feeling of coolness.

    #1 Ice Bottle

    This is a seemingly very strange trick but many people praise it. Experts also speak positively about it. It involves filling a plastic bottle with warm/hot water with ice cubes. You then take it with you to bed and cuddle with it, like your favorite teddy bear as a child.

    #2 Socks with Rice

    Fill your socks with rice, then put them in the freezer so that the cold manages to penetrate the grains of rice. Then put the socks so prepared on your feet before going to bed. You have to be careful with this trick - some people using it complain that it caused them to catch a cold.

    #3 Cold Flannel or Towel

    Soak a facecloth (or other item made of light material) in cold water. Then press it out and put it in the freezer. Take it with you to bed when you go to sleep and place it on your face or on your forehead itself.

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