Mosquitoes Don’t Bite Randomly. There Are 7 Kinds of People Who Are Attractive for This Blood-Thirsty Creatures

    Mosquitoes Don’t Bite Randomly. There Are 7 Kinds of People Who Are Attractive for This Blood-Thirsty Creatures

    5:32 PM EDT, July 2, 2023, updated: 6:39 PM EDT, July 3, 2023

    A nap in the garden. It’s all so peaceful and quiet. And then it comes – the annoying whining sound of mosquitoes who will go to lengths just to get a drop of your blood. Yes, they are one of the darkest sides of every summer.


    The whining problem

    There are about 3,500 kinds of mosquitoes all over the world. Interestingly, these are only the females who enjoy human and animal blood (including mammals, reptiles and some other insects). The protein blood contains is useful for them to lay their eggs. Driven by the instinct and craving to close the procreation cycle they seek new victims and painful bite. At the same time male mosquitoes prefer flower nectar.

    The females never attack random targets. They distinguish among various scents and can quickly carry out successful selection.

    #1 People doing physical exercise and sweating intensively. The insects smell ammoniac and lactic acid that sweat contains. That is why while trekking in the mountains you are an obvious target.


    #2 People with slightly higher body temperature

    That includes children, women during ovulation and young men.

    #3 People drinking alcohol

    Mosquitoes are attracted by the carbon dioxide we exhale. We give out much more of it when we drink alcohol. And that is why beer-lovers sipping their beverage outside will always enjoy a more numerous mosquito company than the rest of the party.

    #4 People with 0 blood type

    According to scientists from Florida, mosquitoes often choose people with 0 blood type. Then comes group B, and finally people with the A type. The scientists believe that 85% of our population sends signals informing mosquitoes about our blood type.

    #5 Women


    Mosquitoes are seduced by the female hormone called estradiol. And that is why statistically women are chosen more often than men.

    #6 People wearing dark clothes

    Insects are attracted by colors of our clothes. In case of mosquitoes it’s black, dark blue or red ones.

    #7 Pregnant women

    Women expecting a baby have got a slightly higher body temperature and exhale more carbon dioxide. No wonder mosquitoes cling on to them!



    Bart Knols is a Dutch scientist who is interested in mosquitoes. Once, as part of a scientific experiment, he closed himself in a sealed room full of the insects. He was completely naked in there. And this is how he discovered that mosquitoes most often choose feet and heels. Perhaps it has got to do with the number of bacteria dwelling on these areas as female mosquitoes are attracted to places with plenty of microorganisms.

    How do you handle the mosquito problem?
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