Don’t Worry about Your Bad Day. There Were at Least 20 People Who Were Far More Unlucky Than You!

    Don’t Worry about Your Bad Day. There Were at Least 20 People Who Were Far More Unlucky Than You!

    Don’t Worry about Your Bad Day. There Were at Least 20 People Who Were Far More Unlucky Than You!
    6:21 PM EDT, July 9, 2023, updated: 5:07 AM EDT, July 11, 2023

    Have you ever had one of these days when everything goes wrong and there is no way you can do things according to the original plan? Of course we all have them. There is one thing you need to remember, though, even if you are having a day like this: things can only get better! And they will. Everything is just a matter of appropriate perspective.

    Even you haven’t been doing very well recently, cheer up. Things could have been much much worse…

    #1 I Wonder how long the windows will hold on…

    #2 A bird flew into my room, made a poo on my laptop and then died. And how are you getting on?

    #3 Hail and sunroof just don’t go together…

    #4 A friend of mine had his hair dyed. Only later did he find out that he was allergic…

    #5 At least daddy finds it amusing

    #6 I took my dog for a walk. It started to rain. We don’t like it when it rains

    #7 My daughter brought a kitten home. Very quickly she learnt what it means to look after a pet

    #8 There are moments when you are sure that life hates you

    #9 Never wear torn jeans on a very sunny day

    #10 Pompeii. They guy was running away from the erupting volcano when a 300-kilo piece of rock smashed his head.

    11 My wife asked me to check if there were any eggs in the henhouse. I told her there weren’t.

    #12 I don’t feel like going anywhere today

    #13 Not all childhood fears are as irrational as we are sometimes told

    #14 What is this bike actually made of?

    #15 Never use your phone while you are riding a bike

    #16 I bought this suit to wear for a job interview. After the interview I realised that the security tag was still on my sleeve

    #17 This raven has just stolen the banknote on a street market

    #18 I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. I told him to pack his things and get away. He took it very seriously. He took the toilet, too.

    #19 I am a beekeeper. I had to do a ritual where a bee stings you. I don’t look that bad, do I?

    #20 ‘I don’t need the full face helmet honey. This one will do.’
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