There Are 15 Kinds of Dust Mites Living on Our House. Get Rid of Them Following Some Good Old-School Methods

    There Are 15 Kinds of Dust Mites Living on Our House. Get Rid of Them Following Some Good Old‑School Methods

    There Are 15 Kinds of Dust Mites Living on Our House. Get Rid of Them Following Some Good Old-School Methods
    6:01 PM EST, December 26, 2021, updated: 3:36 PM EST, December 27, 2021

    It is really important that the bed airs. It helps us get rid of dust mites and refresh the linen. Our grandmothers remembered to do it. Do we? Can we find the time to air our linen? It turns out that the spring mornings can be perfect to get rid of dust mites. Here is what we need to do:

    Dust mites live in the linen on our beds

    The dust at home may contain up to 15 kinds of dust mites. The total of all dust mites is 47! Airing bed linen may help to kill the creatures off, but to ensure best killing efficiency, you need to know when exactly your linen should be aired.

    How to get rid of dust mites? A simple method to kick them away

    Airing is most effective on freezing days, with low humidity and without rainfall. It works much better on cold sunny days. Dust mites don’t like sunlight and they will run away from your linen.

    If it is humid and not really cold, airing is not recommended. You can try other methods, like shaking out your linen. Many of us like it warm inside and forget to air the house. We sometimes forget about appropriate air circulation or even about shaking out bedding after we get up. It is really important go shake out your pillows and duvets right after you rise.

    It is of critical importance in case of pillows and duvets filled with feather, for this is where dust mites accumulate the most. It is not surprising that even the tiniest creatures prefer natural environment. Of course it does not mean that you won’t find any of them in synthetic bedding.

    Every year we lose approximately 2.2 kilo of cuticle

    Sleeping in our warm beds we fidget a lot and as a result we lose massive amounts of cuticle, which is dust mite favourite food. That is why it is essential that we should provide appropriate air circulation in our flat and shake out the linen well. It is also important to air duvets and pillows.

    Exposing to freezing temperatures also help soft toys, pillow covers and cushions. Leaving them outside on a freezing day will exterminate a lot of these microorganisms.

    Do you ever air your bedding? How often do you do it?
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