Cleaning Your Oven Without Scrubbing – 3 DIY Methods

    Cleaning Your Oven Without Scrubbing – 3 DIY Methods

    6:59 PM EDT, July 18, 2023, updated: 6:33 PM EDT, July 19, 2023

    How to clean your burnt oven without scouring.

    Getting down to the kitchen clean-up, we normally start with the things that are most visible and call for very little or no effort at all. Only later do we move on to clean the hardest spots. Or we forget them completely, not feeling like scrubbing them. This is often the case with ovens.

    Yes, you do need some extra motivation to get down to cleaning your oven. Still, that does not really mean you have to spend a lot of time scrubbing and buy some expensive cleaning agents. There are some easy ways to easily and quickly remove the burnt grease.

    How to clean a burnt oven without scrubbing

    Cleaning an oven: #1 Salt and baking soda

    There is a way to clean the oven without inhaling the intensive odor of cleaning agents or vinegar. With some salt, baking soda and hot water you can quickly get rid of all the dirt.

    You need 2 teaspoonful of salt, a glass of baking soda and some hot water. First mix salt with the soda and then add hot water to make some paste. Mix it well. Leave the paste on the burnt spots for about 15 minutes. Then wipe it all with a cloth.

    Cleaning the oven #2 Lemons

    The dirty oven bottom can be easily cleaned using one lemon only. Cut the fruit in two and leave it inside the oven for the night. In the morning switch it on for a few minutes. Then wipe the bottom with the fruit – make sure you wear gloves as the halves of the lemon can be still hot.

    Cleaning the oven #3: how to handle an oven with the airflow

    Sometimes we are concerned that if we do not use appropriate cleaning agents, we will damage the appliance. And that is why we do not want to use any DIY alternatives. However, there are some simple solutions you can safely rely on to clean an oven with the airflow system.

    Fill a casserole dish with water. Add some vinegar or citric acid. Put it on the bottom tray and set the oven for 180 C with the airflow on. After 35-40 minutes switch it off. Although the oven will be steamy inside, all the grease and dirt will be gone, too. Or it will be very easy to remove. Do it as soon as the oven cools down.

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