15 Tricks to Speed Up Spring Cleaning. Without Scrubbing or Wasting Time!

    15 Tricks to Speed Up Spring Cleaning. Without Scrubbing or Wasting Time!

    1:57 PM EDT, April 12, 2023, updated: 3:26 PM EDT, April 14, 2023

    According to research, adults spend between 7 and 19 hours a week cleaning their homes. The numbers vary depending on age and social status, type of building, number of rooms and cleaning methods used. Even so, that's time that could be spent on something completely different. Today we will advise you on how to make the process easier.

    #1 Socks for Cleaning Roller Blinds

    An old sock can be a great tool for this task if you put it on your hand. You can't do a better job of cleaning it!


    #2 Aluminum Foil for Cleaning Heatproof Dishes

    Make a ball of foil, pour liquid over it, and get busy cleaning.


    #3 Ketchup for Shine

    To get the brass shiny, apply some ketchup to the surface and use a sponge to spread it around, making circles. Then use a cloth to clean it, and rinse it off. You can add salt in particularly stubborn dish pieces.


    #4 Baking Soda and Vinegar for Window Cleaning

    Dirt and dust are often found in windows sills and the best way to clean them is with this mixture. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then use a toothbrush to rub it in thoroughly. Remove with a cloth.


    #5 Paper Towels and Vinegar for Cleaning the Toilet

    It's much easier to remove dirt from your toilet if you do this little procedure beforehand. Soak the towels in vinegar, line the inside with them and leave them for a few hours. At the end, just get rid of them.


    #6 Toothpaste for Shine

    Apply with a sponge, rub it in, leave it on for a while and finally rinse with warm water.


    #7 Rubber Cleaning Gloves

    Use rubber gloves to clean all soft furnishings to get rid of pet hair.


    #8 Shaving Cream for Cleaning Stainless Steel

    Interestingly, it will also work well for cleaning the plan from carpets.


    #9 Walnuts to Fix Scratches on Furniture

    To hide small scratches on wooden furniture, polish it with walnuts or Brazil nuts as they contain natural oils. Then polish the surface with a soft, dry cloth.


    #10 Alcohol Will Make Appliances Shine

    A great way to polish the stainless steel surface of appliances and devices such as microwaves, kettles and toasters is with alcohol (you can use vodka). You just need a few drops and a soft cloth.


    #11 Trays and Containers to Sort Things in Drawers

    Put these in your drawer and organize your stuff the way you want. This will help you cut down on cleaning time and frequency because everything will be in its place.


    #12 Inside the Door for Organizing Items

    A place to take advantage of and put all necessities at hand.


    #13 Vertical Stacking

    Towels and clothes stored in drawers should be kept vertical and in rows. This is the easiest way to find the items you need.


    #14 Pillowcases

    It's best to store sets together, that way you won't be looking for them all over your closet.


    #15 Toilet Paper Storage

    Instead of paperwork you can stack up toilet rolls in there; it will look much better organized.


    What do you think of these tricks ?

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