Two Terracotta Pots Turned Into a Cute Stove Easily Heat a Small Space

    Two Terracotta Pots Turned Into a Cute Stove Easily Heat a Small Space

    6:10 AM EST, January 2, 2022, updated: 11:50 AM EST, January 2, 2022

    When it gets really cold outside, we might need an extra source of heat. Though there are plenty of heaters on the market, why not make your own, for example consisting of two pots.


    An extra source of heat

    If you need to warm up your bedroom, a bungalow in the woods or a trailer, there is something you can easily do yourself.  You will need two terracotta pots.

    Of course it will not heat spacious rooms when it gets freezing cold, but it will provide a substantial source of heat for smaller spaces.


    Things you need:

    • a terracotta pot with a diameter of 15 cm;

    • a terracotta pot with a diameter of 13 cm;

    • a chain;

    • 14 nuts ½”;

    • 11 washers for the ½” nuts;

    • threaded rod ½”;

    • 4 tea lights;


    Step by step

    1. Cut the threaded rod 28 cm long

    2. Put two nuts and the chain (11 links). Secure it with an extra nut and slide it to the end of the rod.

    3. Add one more washer and pull the rod through the hole in the bigger pot (the nuts and the chain should stick out)

    4. Put a washer, a nut and another washer on the rod inside the pot. Fix it all well.

    5. Next pull the rod through the next pod (the smaller should be inside the bigger one).

    6. Keep putting the washers and nuts onto the rod until there is just one washer and one nut. Put them aside.

    7. Next put the saucer on the rod and protect it with the washer and the nut. There should be some space between the pots and the saucer. You can cut off the protruding piece of the rod.

    8. Put the tea lights on the saucer and hang the heater on a stand; that could be a lamp stand, a candle holder, a plant rack or a hook fixed to the wall.

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