11 Beach Hacks to Make Your Holidays a Pleasant Experience. A Few Things You Won’t Have to Worry about Anymore

    11 Beach Hacks to Make Your Holidays a Pleasant Experience. A Few Things You Won’t Have to Worry about Anymore

    11 Beach Hacks to Make Your Holidays a Pleasant Experience. A Few Things You Won’t Have to Worry about Anymore
    11:50 AM EDT, July 5, 2023, updated: 10:39 AM EDT, July 6, 2023

    Summertime is on. We have been waiting for it so long. After months of school or work we can finally forget the homework or boring office routines. We can finally enjoy the beach and unwind a little, can’t we?

    As some of us are going to spend their holidays by the sea, we have collected a few hacks to make your time there even more enjoyable.

    #1 A plastic bag for your phone

    Have you ever dropped your phone into water? Well, it does happen. At least once in a lifetime. Sometimes you can rescue it, but there are times…

    Wait a sec. Why worry about it? Just put your phone into a string bag. You can carry it with you without bothering what would happen if it fell into water.

    #2 A bedsheet instead of a blanket


    If the omnipresent sand is annoying for you, there is a solution. Take a fitted sheet. Put four heavy objects in the corners to hold it stretched. There will be much less sand, believe us. We have tried it out.

    #3 Beach pool for the kids

    That’s easy! Take a small inflatable pool for your kids and fill it with water. They can have fun in it while you can lie next to them and rest. A sunshade will certainly do if you want to keep the kids safe from direct sun exposure.

    #4 Feet talcum

    If you apply some talcum or baby powder on your feet, the sand won’t adhere so much. Even if it does, getting rid of it later will be much easier.

    #5 Store your valuables in a dirty diaper

    Well, when I say ‘a dirty diaper’ I mean one that looks dirty. I don’t think anybody would search for valuables in poo. Even if this hack catches on, the thief will think twice wasting his time. Hopefully he will never find exactly what he’s looking for.

    #6 A drink can in a cup

    Do you know this horrible feeling when you hold your can or bottle and it’s all sandy? Yuk! But there is a way to handle it! Just take a plastic cup and put the can or bottle inside. Problem solved.

    #7… but if the entire family is thirsty

    … use a muffin mould!

    #8 If you get sunburnt, use aloe cubes!

    They will really give you a lot of relief. All you have to do is to freeze aloe gel and that’s it!

    #9 Water in the ear?

    Give your child a balloon to inflate. Not only will it solve the problem, but they will also get an extra beach toy to play with.

    # 10 Ice in a bottle

    If you want your drinks to stay cold a bit longer, there is a hack to do it. Fill a bottle with boiled water and put it into the freezer. When it turns into ice, take it with you to the beach. When you run out of first cold drinks, pour the water from the ‘ice bottle’. Inside there still should be a chunk of ice. Fill the bottle with another drink and enjoy its cold flavour!

    #11 Shoes upside down

    Nobody likes putting on shoes that exposed to the sun got lava hot. However, if you turn them upside down, it will be much better.

    Do you know any other beach hacks? Please let us know in your comments.

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