Simple Hacks to Make Your Coriander Grow Vigorously. You Will Never Have to Buy It!

    Simple Hacks to Make Your Coriander Grow Vigorously. You Will Never Have to Buy It!

    Simple Hacks to Make Your Coriander Grow Vigorously. You Will Never Have to Buy It!
    12:47 PM EDT, October 9, 2021, updated: 6:57 PM EDT, October 9, 2021

    Irreplaceable in Mexican cuisine and so fragrant… Let it be a part of your kitchen, too!


    Love it or hate it

    This is one of the herbs that triggers very extreme reactions. We all have our preferences, don’t we? The thing about coriander is that you can be… genetically predisposed to love it (or hate it)!

    The taste of soap that some people can recognize is conditioned be gene OR6A2 located on chromosome 11. This is also what makes some Europeans dislike the spice!

    Fertile soil and lots of sun

    Coriander is not particularly demanding. In the first place it requires fertile and light medium as well as window sill with good sun exposure.

    Don’t forget to water it

    Both after sowing and sprouting, the plant needs to be watered regularly. It can’t stand dry periods. The soil has to be dump though it must not be overwatered, either.


    You can also have a hydroponic farm!

    This unusual way of growing plants uses no… soil! The medium it relies on is just water!

    1. It’s all about good quality seeds. Apply some force and crash them into two halves. This will speed up sprouting.

    2. Fill a non-transparent container with water.

    3. Put a thick strainer on it and scatter the seeds on the bottom. Do it three times, every 5-6 days.

    4. Watch the water level. The seeds should be constantly under the surface.

    5. Put the container in a bright spot. In about 7 – 10 days the seeds should begin to sprout.

    To trim or not to trim?

    If you are keen to get young leaves, trim the seedlings regularly before flowers form. If you are interested in seeds (which are also a valued and tasty spice) let it bloom.

    Before you actually begin to trim it, let it grow up to 6 inches.

    Invite coriander to your kitchen


    Coriander is a good remedy for digestion problems, poor appetite and stress. Some scientists claim that it also helps in case of food poisoning.

    If you are keen on vitamins, go for the leaves. If you need more minerals, choose seeds.

    As if that was not enough, coriander reduces cholesterol levels, has got some anti-bacterial properties and contains antioxidants. Isn’t it worth some space on the shelf then?

    Try chicken taquitos, cauliflower curry or salmon curry spiced with coriander – yummy!

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