26 Cooking Hacks to Make Stirring and Mixing a Really Pleasant Thing to Do

    26 Cooking Hacks to Make Stirring and Mixing a Really Pleasant Thing to Do

    26 Cooking Hacks to Make Stirring and Mixing a Really Pleasant Thing to Do
    3:00 PM EDT, April 28, 2021

    A bunch of culinary hints which will soon make you believe that cooking is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is put on a brave face, buy the right ingredients and with a knife in your hand march to the kitchen.

    Your family and friends are bound to appreciate your effort and would certainly love to taste whatever you prepare. Even if you are not quite successful...


    These simple tricks might soon turn you into a master chef!


    #1 Put a bay leaf into any containers storing flour or rice. It will repel food moths and other pests.

    #2 The coffee has lost its fragrance? Put a piece of dark chocolate into the jar or box you store it in. Do not open it for two days.

    #3 The bread will stay fresh much longer if there is an apple in the bread bin.

    #4 Bananas should never be stored near apples. They make them ripen much faster.

    #5 On the other hand you can speed up ripening tomatoes by putting them in a paper bag containing an apple.

    #6 If there is a piece of onion left, it will not go dry and scentless if you spread some butter on it.



    #7 Your sponge cake won't sink if you grease the bottom of the baking tray.

    #8 Dried fruit and nuts won't sink in if you cover them with flour.

    #9 Yeast cake will stay fresh and soft if you add bonny clabber instead of milk.

    #10 If you want a piece of cake to stay fresh longer, attach some pieces of wheat bread.



    #11 It's really difficult to slice soft tomatoes. To get nice slices put them in ice-cold water 20 minutes before cutting.

    #12 Olive oil and any other plant oils won't splash if you add a pinch of salt onto the frying pan.

    #13 The omelet will be fluffy if you add some milk.

    #14 If your soup is too salty, you can still save it if you put half a potato into the pot and boil it for a few minute. The vegetable will absorb the excess salt.

    #15 Rice will be looser and won't sticking together if you boil it with water mixed with a spoonful of lemon juice.

    #16 The sauce will be thicker thanks to a bit of grated zucchini. This is a healthier alternative to flour.

    #17 Does the fish get stuck to the grill grate? Put slices of lemon on the grate and then put the fish on it. The fish won't go apart and it will also get some lovely lemon scent.

    #18 If you don’t like the smell of boiled cauliflower, put a bay leaf into the pot or some dry bread crust.

    #19 If you don’t want your pork to go dry while roasting, put a mug of water into the oven. The meat will be soft and juicy.

    #20 There is an easy way to pick up a piece of egg shell from a dish filled with the white of the eggs. Just put a finger in water and then collect the piece.

    #21 We don’t leave vegetables in water for too long. They lose all the nutrients. They have to be prepared right before cooking.

    #22 You like beans but you don’t like the gases? Soak it in water with a bit of caraway.

    #23 Empty ketchup bottle is a great dispenser for pancake butter



    #24 Is it really hard to open the jar? Put on rubber gloves or put on a thick rubber band onto the lid and try again.

    #25 If the smell of fried fish does not want to come off the pan, put some coffee grounds onto it.

    #26 A dirty microwave? Pour a glass of water into a heat-resistant dish and squeeze a lemon into it. Put it into the microwave and set the maximum power for 5 minutes. Wipe the dirt off with a cloth.


    I am sure the hints and hacks can make it so much easier to cook. Which of the clues do you think will be the most useful?

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