5 Things You Should Know Before You Decide to Pierce your Baby's Ears

    5 Things You Should Know Before You Decide to Pierce your Baby's Ears

    5 Things You Should Know Before You Decide to Pierce your Baby's Ears
    10:44 AM EST, November 11, 2021, updated: 12:29 PM EST, November 12, 2021

    Ear piercing is already a normal thing for most of us. Almost all of us wear earrings at some stage 😉. So, we often want our little ones to have them too. Are earrings for toddlers a good idea?

    It all depends on the age of the child. Definitely any pediatrician will recommend ear piercing for a child who is already older, there isn't a firm stance on when the right time is for ear piercing. While experience parents recommends waiting until a child is old enough to manage piercing aftercare on their own, they don’t explicitly say no to baby piercings just bearing in mind a parent or other caregiver must be consistent with aftercare to ensure that the piercings heal properly.

    #1 Nickel Can Cause Allergy, Even in Anti-allergy Earrings

    The earlier we pierce a child's ears, the more likely it is that the child will develop a nickel allergy later in life.


    #2 Piercings in Children Carry a Risk of Infection

    After all, it is a wound, and as in any such case, some kind of infection can occur… Earrings, admittedly, are sterile, but the gun for ear piercing is reusable.

    Because of its popularity, many parents and caregivers easily forget that any cosmetic piercing carries inherent dangers and health risks.


    #3 Skin Tearing

    Of course, the child can hook the earring somewhere, or tug it himself. Such risks are always there. But in small children, who spend most of their time lying down, and their fingers are just getting to know the world, anything can happen. With any tug on the unhealed skin, infection can occur. And if the child removes the earring, it can even lead to choking if he puts it in his mouth.


    #4 Piercings in Children and Pain

    It is obvious that when piercing an ear one feels a sharp prick, and this is something that we can not prevent in any way. In addition, due to the inevitable pain and potential health risks associated with baby ear piercing, many are petitioning to ban the optional procedure .


    #5 Deciding For the Child

    Might be more sensible if we wait until our child grows up and decided for themselves whether they like to wear earrings. Ear piercing hurts the same at any age, little piece of useful information if they want to go for such a procedure.


    Ear piercing for young children is not prohibited, but you might want to consider postponing the procedure until your child is older. Maybe health is more important than a beautiful appearance of the child 🙂 Because making our baby girl more cute through earrings, is probably the only argument that we can use in defending the fact why we've decided to pierce her ears….

    Do you remember when you got your ears pierced?

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