17 Things You Have Got to Remember as You Are Not the Only Person Who Uses Public Transport

    17 Things You Have Got to Remember as You Are Not the Only Person Who Uses Public Transport

    17 Things You Have Got to Remember as You Are Not the Only Person Who Uses Public Transport
    5:48 PM EST, November 25, 2021

    Public transport is not about buses and trains. It's primarily about us - people. To enjoy it as much as possible, we should all remember the savoir-vivre rules binding there. If all passengers comply and add a pinch of empathy and understanding, every single trip could be a nice experience.

    Good manners and public transport

    Mitchell Johnson/unsplash
    Mitchell Johnson/unsplash

    #1 Give way to those who get off

    This is a very old rule – people who leave the bus or train should go first. When you begin to get on, remember to let the disadvantaged and families with children go before you.

    #2 Fold your umbrella

    Do it while standing at the bus stop, just before getting on. Remember to carry it pointing down. Don't make any sudden unexpected brandishing moves – you could easily hurt someone with it!

    Viktor Forgacs/unsplash
    Viktor Forgacs/unsplash

    #3 Give your seat

    Before you sit down take a look around to see if there is anyone who might need it more than you. Give your seat to a pregnant woman, anyone with a small kid, an elderly or a disadvantaged person. I know that this point can stir some controversy as there are young people who suffer from serious diseases and need a seat, too. And on the other hand there are also some elderly people who could be so rude that a free seat is nothing they deserve.

    #4 Don't talk too long on the phone

    While going by bus try not to engage in lengthy conversations. Other passengers don't care about your life

    #5 Turn the music down

    It's not the right place to pump it up. Headphones are more than necessary if you don't want to be the DJ for the whole train.

    Wes Hicks/unsplash
    Wes Hicks/unsplash

    #6 Don't push your way through

    Even during the rush hour don't use your elbows. It is much better to say 'Excuse me'.

    #7 Cut down on food

    Buses and trains are not dining rooms. Whatever you eat, you can stain your clothes or the seat underneath you.

    #8 Take off your backpack

    If you are travelling with a huge backpack, make sure you hold it in your hands or anywhere not blocking the passage. Don’t put it on the seat next to you. This of course refers to any luggage you carry with you.

    Manki Kim/unsplash
    Manki Kim/unsplash

    #9 Keep your dogs on a leash

    Small pets should be carried in baskets or cages. A dog needs to have a proper muzzle. A big one needs to stay right at the owner's feet. Smaller ones could be carried on the lap. It is also advisable to have the dog's proof of vaccination with you.

    #10 Don't buy the ticket from the driver

    If it's possible in your country, pay the fare anywhere else.

    #11 Don't raise your voice

    Avoid any quarrels and arguments. Nobody wants to be a witness of any unpleasant situations. It is also rude to talk about other passengers behind their back, looking over their shoulders and staring at people.

    Marek Rucinski/unsplah
    Marek Rucinski/unsplah

    #12 Watch your children

    If you are travelling with a small child, keep them close. Also make sure that they won't kick the seat in front of them annoying the person sitting there.

    #13 Be gentle

    This one is rather obvious. Still, helping to carry heavy objects or even validating the ticket could do the trick.

    #14 Keep yourself clean

    Never carry any smelly substances or products. Also make sure your personal hygiene is fine. Smelling somebody’s sweaty body is the last thing your co-passengers would like to do.

    Jun Huang/unsplash
    Jun Huang/unsplash

    #15 Keep the place clean

    Don’t put your feet on the seats. Don’t drop litter. Don't stick your chewing gum anywhere!

    #16 Don't block the access to the door

    Make sure that people can get on and off easily.

    #17 Be tolerant

    Remember that we all have a bad day from time to time. And we all make mistakes. So when someone’s behavior does not meet your standards, have a little mercy!

    Ola Dybul/unsplash
    Ola Dybul/unsplash
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