How to Clean a Showerhead? One Commonly Used Product Will Make It Look like New

    How to Clean a Showerhead? One Commonly Used Product Will Make It Look like New

    How to Clean a Showerhead? One Commonly Used Product Will Make It Look like New
    7:01 PM EDT, September 10, 2022

    Scale is the last guest that should appear in the bathroom of a model housewife. There is a simple trick on how to clean the shower head so that it does not take much of your time, but at the same time is effective.

    "It's getting weaker and weaker from it. Is this showerhead broken?"

    If you have felt a weaker flow of water during your daily shower, or noticed that it shoots in different directions, the first thing to check is whether it is a water pressure problem. If not, it's likely that scale is the cause.

    You are likely to find a chalky, whitish deposit on the shower head. Although it is completely harmless to humans, scale is unsightly and is most likely responsible for the shower not working as it should. We will show you how to remove it easily.

    How to clean a shower handset, photo from reddit.
    How to clean a shower handset, photo from reddit.

    How to Clean the Shower Handset From Scale?

    You can remove limescale from your shower handle using several remedies that you almost certainly already have in your kitchen. The easiest and most convenient way to do this is with vinegar.

    In this case, all you will need is the aforementioned vinegar and a suitably large bag. All you need to do is fill the bag with a generous amount of vinegar, and then attach it to the shower handset in such a way that it is completely soaked in the liquid.

    Now just leave it alone for about an hour, and the vinegar should work its magic. After this time, remove the bag and turn on the water in the handset to flush out the holes. It's also a good idea to rinse the entire surface of the shower handle with water.

    Requires a More Thorough Cleaning….

    However, it may happen that such a basic cleaning will not help, because the scale will be too much and it will be too strong. Then it is usually necessary to remove the shower handle. Once you have removed it, first rinse it decently under a strong stream of water. Then scrub its surface with a toothbrush and vinegar. This should loosen the buildup.

    It's also a good idea to occasionally use a toothpick or similar object and clean one by one all the holes from which the water comes out. Then immerse the shower head completely in vinegar to dissolve and remaining lime deposits.

    And for extra cleaning power, add a few tablespoons of baking soda to the vinegar. Leave the shower handle like this overnight. In the morning it should already be clean. All you need to do now is mount it back up.

    Hot vinegar will work faster and better decalcify the holes in the shower handle in no time! But then dip the handset in a container of heat-resistant vinegar.

    Lemon Acid for Limescale

    If the smell of vinegar is too intense for you, use citric acid as a descaler. Simply dissolve the citric acid in a small amount of water and apply like vinegar. Likewise, you can heat the solution to make it work better.

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