How to Clean Your Shower Cabin. No Residue or Smudges!

    How to Clean Your Shower Cabin. No Residue or Smudges!

    6:01 PM EDT, August 9, 2020, updated: 1:33 PM EDT, August 10, 2020

    If you have a shower cabin or screen, you know how difficult it is to clean the water smudges. Is there a way to clean the cabin or screen completely getting rid of the residue? It’s all about the product you are going to apply. Why not make one yourself?

    You need only two ingredients:

    • a glass of white vinegar

    • washing-up liquid

    This that will come in handy:

    • a sponge

    • a funnel

    • a spray bottle (e.g. empty window cleaner bottle)

    Preparing the DIY cleaning agent:

    1. Pour some washing-up liquid into the spray bottle


    2. Heat the vinegar so that it’s warm, (not hot!)


    3. Mix both ingredients


    Cleaning the cabin/ the screen:

    1. Spray the mixture all over the surface and rub it gently in with a sponge.

    2. Let it sit there for 30 minutes.

    3. Rinse it with cold water.

    No more tedious scrubbing!

    A DIY stone & residue protection agent

    This one comes from a popular American blogger – Jill Nystul. It is not only a must for all fans of DIY cleaning agents, but first of all it is really effective. You can use it on regular basis to prevent hard water residue and soap smudges from forming on your cabin ‘s surface.

    The ingredients:

    - a spray bottle,

    - half a glass of hydrogen peroxide,

    - half a glass of disinfecting alcohol,

    - 2 glasses of water,

    - a teaspoonful of washing-up liquid,

    - a spoonful of vinegar

    Pour all the ingredients into the spray bottle, gently mix them and that’s it! Your shower cabin spray is ready!

    How to use your shower cabin spray

    Every time you take a shower, spray the agent onto the cabin/ screen. You don’t have to wash it down. All you need to remember is that it is not a cleaning agent, but one that prevents residue and smudges.

    To clean your cabin or screen, use the mixture we described at the beginning.

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