How to clean a cooker burner

    How to clean a cooker burner

    How to clean a cooker burner
    7:40 PM EDT, March 22, 2022

    Although more and more people switch to induction cookers, many households still rely on gas cookers whih, although comfortable in use, are a nightmare when it comes to cleaning. Fortunately, there is an easy and cheap trick to help you do the chore much faster. You will be surprised with how easy this could be and you will never use a ready-made detergent that, let's face it, is not always effective.

    So what is this magical trick about?

    How to clean a cooker

    There is a wide range of expensive cleaning agents advertised as ultra effective cooker cleaners. However, there is a way to get rid of dirt and burnt grease both more cheaply and without so much harm to the environment. All you need is white vinegar! Not only is it an efficient disinfectant, but it also works as a grease-removing agent.

    The complete list of ingredients includes:

    • a glass of vinegar (250 ml)

    • half a glass of water (125 ml)


    Mix the ingredients and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Then sprinkle it all over the cooker top. Then spread the diluted vinegar with a sponge or a kitchen towel. If the dirt is stubborn and the burnt grease is stuck a lot, use pure vinegar. Soon your cooker will shine like factory new!

    How to clean the burner

    The worst part is by far the burners. Still, vinegar can handle them too. As for burner, they have to be kept clean at all times as it's primarily about safety. Once you know how to do it easily you can do it on regular basis.

    Prepare a solution of vinegar and water in 3:1 ratio. Boil it, put the burners in it and then leave it for 5 minutes and take out to cool down. The burners should be clean. If there is any dirt left, remove it with a sponge. Finally dry them to prevent corrosion.

    Another way to clean the cooker grid

    You don't really need to scour the burnt grease and food. You just need to buy some ammoniac, preferably liquid.

    Put the dirty burner into a foil bag. Then pour 1 – 2 teaspoonful of ammoniac and seal tight. Leave it for the night somewhere outside (for example a balcony, so that the irritating vapors do no harm). On the next day carefully pour out the liquid and wash the grid using running water. Don't forget to wear protective gloves!
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