10 Simple Hacks to Get More Organized in the New Year

    10 Simple Hacks to Get More Organized in the New Year

    10 Simple Hacks to Get More Organized in the New Year
    2:57 PM EST, December 30, 2022, updated: 7:21 PM EST, December 30, 2022

    In today's dynamic and heavily changing world, it can be difficult to stay organized. You may think that clutter is nothing, but it strongly affects our mood, mental, physical, emotional and social state.

    Worried that you'll always be stuck in disorder? Don't worry, these simple life tricks will help you get organized and enter the New Year with good energy!

    #1 Mark Your Bottle to Drink More Water

    Keeping your body hydrated is one of the most important things you need to remember. Nearly 75% of the population suffers from dehydration. Be sure to drink water regularly to positively impact your health and well-being. Put stickers on your bottle with the time to drink water regularly.

    #2 Organize your Clothes for the Week

    I know it can be difficult, but take a few minutes on Sunday night to prepare clothes for the entire week for yourself and your children. Studies have shown that the average woman spends about 15 minutes a day picking out clothes. Skip this chore on sleepy mornings and label your clothes earlier.

    #3 Find a Way to Deal with Tangled Cables

    Don't throw away an old spring, you can reuse it and make your cables less tangled.

    #4 Use a Shoe Organizer to Keep Things Tidy

    With shoe organizers, you can quickly clean up almost any room. You can put cleaning supplies, your child's toys, jewelry or sewing supplies in separate compartments.

    #5 Put Spices in Baskets

    If you don't want all your spices, teas, sweets or muesli to be visible, place baskets on shelves and label them.

    #6 Organize Cables with Toilet Paper Rolls

    Tape a few toilet paper rolls in a cardboard box and place all cables, chargers and earphones in them. This way, you'll avoid tangles between the cables and keep things in perfect order!

    #7 Removing Dust from Lampshades

    Use a roll of tape to clean lamps, sofas or chairs. Removing dust and dirt has never been so easy!

    #8 Organizing Cabinet Space

    If you want extra space in your kitchen cabinets, put sticky hooks and paper clips in them and hang your spices on them.

    #9 Prevent Clothes from Slipping Off Hangers

    Clothes have a tendency to slip off plastic hangers. To keep them from slipping, use hair scrunchies or scrunchies on hangers.

    #10 Putting the Kids' Room in Order

    Place baskets or barrels in your baby's room to store books and soft toys. You'll see how quickly it's back in order! Add shelves on the wall and make it into toy car - parking lot.

    Which hack do you like best?

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