10 Cleaning Hacks to Turn the Chore into a Pleasure. No More Tedious Scrubbing!

    10 Cleaning Hacks to Turn the Chore into a Pleasure. No More Tedious Scrubbing!

    10 Cleaning Hacks to Turn the Chore into a Pleasure. No More Tedious Scrubbing!
    7:25 AM EDT, May 14, 2021, updated: 9:51 AM EDT, May 14, 2021

    Kitchen is one of the dirtiest places at home. This is where you see the grease residue, this is the bacteria hotbed. Carefully cleaned kitchen is the key to a healthy household.

    We write our articles to make your life easier. Today we would like to give you a helping hand in the kitchen. Perhaps you don’t know the tricks yet. Either way, check them out!

    #1 Make your kitchen tiles look new again


    No matter what tiles you have in the kitchen, with time they get dirty. To handle this, do the following:

    - apply some baking soda on the tiles

    -using spray bottle apply vinegar; spray on spots where you applied soda

    -leave it there for 2-3 minutes

    -use an old brush to scrub it

    -clean everything with a cloth

    #2 Wash the kitchen sponge


    Sponges might be some of the filthiest things in your house. Remember to replace them every week or two. It is also recommended that you wash them every few days. You can do that in two ways:

    1. Put the sponge into a microwave together with a glass of water. Switch it on for 30 seconds. Taking it out be careful – the sponge will be hot.

    2. Put the sponge into the dishwasher and set the long washing cycle. You can put it on the tray for cutlery together with other dirty dishes.

    These two ways kill 99% of the bacteria in your sponge.

    #3 Create a simple tool to clean the smallest slots and gaps


    The easiest way to clean the inaccessible spots is to put a piece of soaked paper towel, wrap it round a knife, apply some cleaning agent into the dirty place and … clean it.

    #4 Cleaning greasy cooker hood filters


    Filters can be nasty, too. Of course it all depends on how often you clean and replace them. If you want to make sure that you clean them well, try the following:

    -take out the filter,

    - boil some water in a pot of stainless steel,

    - slowly add a quarter of baking soda until the water boils,

    -put the filter (s) in the pot,

    -if the pot is not big enough for more than one filter, simply put them one after another; each time let them rest there for 60 seconds,

    -watch the grease come off.

    Your filters will look new again.

    #5 Renovating old burnt frying pan


    Thanks to this hack your old pans and pans will look new again:

    - pour some water onto the pan,

    - add a few drops of vinegar,

    - put the pan on the burner and turn it up until the water boils,

    - take the pan off the cooker and slowly add baking soda,

    - after a while pour out the mixture and start scrubbing the pan; microfiber cloth will work best,

    - if the pan is very greasy, you can use some paste made of water and soda which will make the grease come off faster.

    #6 Cleaning a stainless steel sink


    Rinsing the washbasin with water hardly ever works. This is where the dust accumulates and bacteria grow. To clean a stainless steel use of the following:

    - a magical sponge

    - paste of water and baking soda

    - a solution of hydrogen peroxide and washing-up liquid

    - vinegar and washing-up liquid

    #7 How to clean your faucet of hard water deposits


    Cleaning your faucet will be much easier if you do the following:

    - take a small string bag,

    - pour some vinegar and baking soda inside,

    - hang the bag on the faucet,

    - secure it with a rubber band,

    - wait an hour until you take it off; wipe off the rest of the solution and, using an old toothbrush, clean the most inaccessible spots.

    #8 A piece of wet towel instead of a dustpan


    Replace a dustpan with wet paper towel or tissues soaked with water. They will collect the dust much better

    #9 Cleaning cooker burners


    This trick is here to help you clean the cooker without much scrubbing:

    - pour a quarter glass of ammoniac into a string bag,

    - put the burner in and seal the bag,

    - do not add any extra ammoniac; a quarter glass will do,

    - leave the burner in there for the night,

    - next morning take the burner out and clean it with a sponge or a wet paper towel.

    #10 Cleaning baking moulds


    There are many kinds of baking moulds that can’t be scrubbed. However, you can still do something to make them neat and clean again:

    -pour washing-up liquid onto the mould and add baking soda,

    - pour some warm water and leave it there for 15 minutes,

    -make a ball of aluminium foil,

    -gently scrub the surface and rinse it well with water.

    Which of the tricks are you going to use next time you get down to cleaning your kitchen?
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