12 Inventions That Are Common for Asians and a Futuristic Vision for the Rest of the World

    12 Inventions That Are Common for Asians and a Futuristic Vision for the Rest of the World

    12 Inventions That Are Common for Asians and a Futuristic Vision for the Rest of the World
    7:51 PM EDT, June 30, 2020

    Futuristic visions of the world are packed with extraordinary ideas – life among robots, jet backpacks or self-preparing food ready at a press of a button. While for most of us this future is somewhat distant, for citizens of some Asian countries it is already everyday reality.

    Here come the most surprising items that might seem weird for most of us while in parts of Asia they are already the here and now.

    #1 A soft ball that washes the floor and picks up dust

    The ‘Mocoro’ robot collection includes an exceptional fluffy ball powered with standard batteries. It stands out from the crowd of other robots due to its image and simple navigation. The robot rolls on the floor polishing it at the same time, collecting dust and hair. Everything thanks to a microfiber covering that can be taken off and washed.

    #2 Diagnosing human body without surgery

    This technology is based on a combination of analysis of data reflecting our body’s condition and 3D tissue modelling. Computer processes the information about the patient’s condition and creates a projection of body’s function which are transmitted onto the patient’s body. Thanks to it the doctor can see the processes taking place inside the patient without surgical intervention.

    #3 A backpack that cools or heats your back


    There is a fan inside the backpack that either cools or warms your back and waist. Additionally the backpack is equipped with a USB port so that you can plug in your smartphone and charge it.

    #4 A tape that protects your shoes against dust and rain

    This device wraps your shoes with a PVC foil, replacing shoe covers available in hospitals now. Some people make use of it to protect their footwear on very hot days or rainy ones. Everyone hopes that the manufacturer will soon develop a device that will use biodegradable foil.

    #5 Virtual airport assistant

    Human-sized holograms are steadily replacing people at information points. These models can be found in China for example.

    #6 Instant stain remover


    This small appliance, looking like a hair straightener, is in fact a tiny washing machine which needs only a few minutes to remove stains. All you need to do is pour some water inside. Then the water gets heated and together with ultrasound waves it removes the stain.

    #7 A set to make your own sandals


    The set includes two sandal soles and a few stripes. This is you who decides how they are to be designed. You can make your own sandals or flip-flops.

    #8 Table tennis Version 2.0

    The table illuminates the ball’s motion assisting the players at the same time, for instance advising them on where the ball has to be hit.

    #9 A lamp powered with seawater

    instagram.com japantrendshop.com
    instagram.com japantrendshop.com

    This is a perfect idea for camping lovers or climbers. It doesn’t need any batteries. All you need to make it work is seawater! Once the lamp filled, it glows for 80 hours!

    #10 Having fun at a concert with holograms

    Holograms are very popular in Asian countries, especially in South Korea. You get an impression that the artists are really performing on the stage.

    #11 An application teaching mathematics

    This application not only shows the correct answers but also takes you step by step how this answer should be found. All you need to do is scan the equation and that’s it! Additionally, the program explains what rules and formulas should be applied to solve the problem. Of course it cannot replace a teacher, but it is definitely a good advisor for anyone struggling with the maths homework.

    #12 Rotating a car

    The Japanese care about the smallest details. As we tend to waste quite a lot of time trying to reverse the car, they invented a machine that does it for us automatically inside the garage or on a car park.

    Which one did you like the most?
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