13 Coolest Kitchen Tools to Get. Affordable Gadgets for Foodies

    13 Coolest Kitchen Tools to Get. Affordable Gadgets for Foodies

    5:04 PM EDT, June 29, 2021, updated: 6:30 PM EDT, July 1, 2021

    Cooking is so much more enjoyable when our kitchen is filled with practical and easy to use gadgets ! This list only includes gadgets that are real wonders of life. We guarantee you'll not imagine cooking without them again.

    #1 Jellyfish Shaped Vegetable Slicer

    Makes delicious (and zig-zags) zucchini noodles in seconds. The device can also handle carrots, parsley and other vegetables. Making salads will be quick and easy.

    That's right!

    Jellyfish, has become an easy way to encourage kids to eat vegetables. The fun of making the food is great, and the kids can't wait to eat the "spirals"


    You can buy this lovely jellyfish really inexpensively, just hit your local target.


    #2 Egg Cooker "Egguins"

    A holder for 6 eggs in which you can cook them, serve them on the table or store them in the refrigerator.

    A simple patent for perfect soft-boiled eggs for everyone in the house! You can remove them all from boiling water in one go.


    #3 Spoon for the Gardener

    You can dig through more than one dessert with a "spatula" like this 😅 Perfect for dessert lovers and original gadgets!

    Impress your guest will lovely gadgets for you best made dish


    The teaspoons are well made, feel "heavy" in the hand and dishwasher safe!


    #4 A Board for the Perfectionist

    Carrots in bars no longer than 5 centimeters, onions in slices of 0.3 and bacon only in regular cubes.

    Food chopping looks professional and tasty. And slicing is… a perfectionist's paradise 😉


    The board is made of eco-friendly bamboo wood


    #5 Jumbo Elephant - an Ingenious Cutlery Drainer

    An adorable and practical elephant whose designer should be applauded! No more spilling water or scrubbing cutlery trays.

    The container will also work well in the bathroom as a cup for toothbrushes and toothpaste.


    The "Jumbo" drainer is also available in white


    #6 "Spaghetti Monster" as a Strainer

    "Pastafarians" or simple pasta lovers, love a strainer with a character. It brings a smile to their face every time you use it.

    It will allow you also to drain the pasta perfectly and present your dishes elegantly,


    #7 Milk Jug

    All of its charm is in the detail. Pretty and carefully crafted, blown glass somehow resembling a cow.

    Double bottomed glass have been a hit - this pitcher looks like it's from a designer set!


    #8 Floating Egg Gondola

    Making a poached egg isn't hard at all…you just need to have a good tool. The egg gondola definitely makes this task easier!

    The boat gives you full control over the cooked egg. The liquid yolk comes out every time


    #9 Unicorn Mould

    Fairytale unicorn on a plate is happiness in its pure form!

    Mould for pancakes, omelettes and eggs for real princesses. A simple thing, but a joy for children and adults.


    Unicorn frame will surprise your loved ones with inventive dishes and add a pinch of magic to everyday meals!


    #10 Romantic Breakfast Pan

    A small frying pan in the shape of a heart. It's the perfect size for two eggs, but you can make pancakes in it too!

    It has a non-stick coating.


    #11 Yolk Separator

    No mess, no floating shells and no dirty hands. The "Frog" egg separator is a salvation for people who love omelettes.

    You can separate the yolk from the egg whites in seconds!


    #12 Skull Ice Cubes

    Ice cubes that add character to drinks. They look indulging in a whiskey over ice skulls.

    Get ready for compliments, because guests are always delighted when they get drinks that look like "badass"


    One mold can make 4 ice cream skulls at a time


    #13 Glass Snack Bag

    A snack bowl that stands out for its design.

    This dish will be perfect for serving chips, nuts and sweets.


    Which of these gadgets will be on your "must buy" list?

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