Since I Keep These Candies in the Kitchen, I Do Not Have Fruit Flies Anymore

    Since I Keep These Candies in the Kitchen, I Do Not Have Fruit Flies Anymore

    Since I Keep These Candies in the Kitchen, I Do Not Have Fruit Flies Anymore
    3:26 PM EDT, August 28, 2022, updated: 3:26 PM EDT, August 29, 2022

    During warm days fruit flies presume a real assault on home kitchens and dining rooms. They feed on fruits and jam jars and multiply very quickly. How to get rid of them? Learn about the scent that repels fruit flies.

    What Can Be Done to Prevent Fruit Flies From Appearing in the Kitchen?

    Fruit flies are herbivorous insects and especially like slightly spoiled fermented food. A female can lay dozens of eggs a day. The warmer it is, the more active these insects are. When they move into the kitchen, a whole bunch of them manhandle the food left on the countertop. If you do not want them to invade your home then:

    • keep clean and regularly clean your kitchen countertops,
    • remove all leftovers and quickly dispose of all bio waste,
    • do not leave overripe fruits on the counter (be sure to keep them in the refrigerator).

    Scented Repellent

    As it turns out, flies are not fond of specific scents. These include mint and menthol. Buy a packet of regular peppermint candies. Pour the candy onto a plate and set it in the kitchen. Insects will not get close to them and will leave your house quite quickly.

    Put a few pots of mint in the house. This herb will be just as effective in deterring all nuisance flies.

    Wine Trap

    An idea to get rid of fruit flies is also to make a quick trap yourself. Pour dry red wine and some dishwashing liquid into a jar. Then mix the whole thing well and cover it with a piece of cling film. Fix it with a rubber band.

    Make small holes in the foil. A toothpick or fork will be best for this purpose. Set the trap in the kitchen. The principle of its operation is simple. Little flies are attracted by the yeasty smell of wine. Then the insects fly into the jar, but are no longer able to leave it. As a result, they melt into the sticky mixture.

    If you wish, you can successfully replace wine with apple cider vinegar.

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