12 Weird Kitchen Hacks That Really Work and Come in Handy Every Single Day

    12 Weird Kitchen Hacks That Really Work and Come in Handy Every Single Day

    12 Weird Kitchen Hacks That Really Work and Come in Handy Every Single Day
    12:33 PM EDT, October 9, 2020

    Kitchen tricks are not to be underestimated. Not only do they help you avoid spectacular fails, but in the first place they make your life easier. So give yourself a couple of minutes to read about hints that you will sooner or later make use of at home.

    Let’s get down to work!

    #1 Not all fruit and vegetables can be stored in a fridge


    It is commonly believed that all fruit and vegetables should be kept there so that they will be fresh longer. It’s a big mistake!

    In fact, such fruit as tomatoes, bananas or apples ought not be stored in a fridge, as the conditions make them release ethylene which boosts the process of ripening.

    #2 Defrosting meat in a fridge


    Although it takes much longer, it is really recommended. This is how you can make sure that meat will defrost evenly and thoroughly.

    You should never put the meat straight from the freezer into a bowl with hot water. This is how you can easily damage both visual and flavor properties.

    That’s a hack you are bound to use one day!

    #3 Don’t store milk on the fridge door shelves


    Firstly, the temperature is slightly higher. Secondly, as the door is frequently opened, that causes temperature fluctuations. Consequently, the milk will go off sooner.

    #4 Stirring pasta while boiling

    We all know that pasta has to be stirred when it is boiled in salty water. This is where you have to be extra careful.

    The key thing is the first minutes of the process. This is when you can prevent the pasta from adhering to the pot and sticking together.


    Although this seems to be a perfect spot to keep the milk, you’d better not put it there.

    #5 Instead of salt, add…


    … balsamic vinegar, apple vinegar, white vinegar or lemon juice. This is how you can quickly and easily get a tasty and salty flavor, without using much salt.

    #6 Keep the oven closed while baking


    Now let’s move on to baking issued. Remember that if you open the oven while something is being baked, you will lower the temperature inside which will dramatically affect your cake.

    The dough may simply stop growing. Instead of sliding the mold in and out all over again to see if the cake is ready, do quick toothpick test. This is how you will find out whether the cake still needs more time (the toothpick will be damp) or if its ready (the toothpick will be dry)

    #7 Fried eggs from a microwave


    It turns out that you can prepare a perfect fried egg in a microwave oven. Just break it onto a plate and pierce the yolk gently so that it will boil evenly both outside and inside.

    Then just 45-second long visit to the oven and your egg is ready!

    #8 Chopping boards in a variety of colors


    In each kitchen there should be separate boards for meat and fish on one hand and for products that do not require boiling on the other.

    In this way you will prevent the spread of dangerous raw meat bacteria that are killed when meat is cooked onto products that will not be thermally processed.

    Thanks to colors, you will never mistake the boards.

    #9 Perfectly beaten eggs


    This is not really difficult. First of all, take the eggs out of the fridge so that they warm up in the room temperature for some time. Secondly, carefully separate the yolk from the white.

    #10 Indispensable knives


    There is no successful cooking without 6 kinds of knives, These include a master chef knife, a vegetable knife, a bread knife, a universal knife, a peeling knife and a filleting one.

    #11 Several frying pans


    Speaking of kitchen accessories, you’d better have two frying pans at hand. Pancakes will be easier to make in a shallow one with thin bottom. Meat, however, prefers wide edges and thick bottom.

    #12 Follow the recipe


    Especially in case of cakes.

    Every single piece of information matters, be that the oven temperature or the amount of ingredients. Never ignore such clues as the way flour has to be prepared.

    If you want a good cake, follow the recipe at all times!

    That’s all for today, at least speaking of cooking tricks. If there is anything missing, why don’t you add something to the list?

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