An Old TV Cabinet Can Be Easily Transformed into a Fantastic Toy for Your Kids

    An Old TV Cabinet Can Be Easily Transformed into a Fantastic Toy for Your Kids

    An Old TV Cabinet Can Be Easily Transformed into a Fantastic Toy for Your Kids
    11:42 AM EDT, August 26, 2023, updated: 4:11 PM EDT, August 27, 2023

    You don’t really need to go to a toy store to get a toy kitchen for your children. You can do it yourself, of course as long as you are keen on DIY. As many of our readers meet this condition, let me present you with the toy kitchen idea.

    An old TV cabinet turned out to be a perfect piece to be converted into a toy kitchen

    All shelves and doors were taken out to be polished and painted

    The cabinet itself was painted, too. The spot that was to become the fridge got a few extra shelves

    A hole was cut in the former TV shelf to become the washbasin

    The refrigerator, the freezer and the washbasin cabinet got new doors fixed

    Then the microwave was added and the whole thing was repainted

    Just a few more accessories and this is the final thing

    The microwave and the doors are covered with dark foil to make them look more realistic.

    A picture behind a transparent sheet of plastic ‘pretends’ to be a window on the kitchen wall. There are some curtains and dish towels. The top is a flat piece of wood with four mats as burners, the four knobs on the front can be turned so that kids could ‘really’ do the cooking. The fridge contains some small baskets for even more realistic image. A printed piece was glued onto the front of microwave as its control panel. Plus a few hanging kitchen utensils.

    And that’s it!

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