An Easter Egg Your Kids Will Love! And Everyone Else, Too!

    An Easter Egg Your Kids Will Love! And Everyone Else, Too!

    An Easter Egg Your Kids Will Love! And Everyone Else, Too!
    6:31 PM EDT, April 11, 2022, updated: 9:07 AM EDT, April 13, 2022

    Easter is round the corner so it's high time we started decorating our houses!

    This funny decoration will definitely invigorate your interior and children will fall for it for sure! It's really easy to make and it doesn’t call for anything you won’t find at home. It looks great and there is a sweet surprise inside!

    Things you need:

    -chocolate egg

    -liquid glue



    Step by step

    Throw some candy into the balloons. If that proves too difficult, you can put them inside once the egg is ready, gently spreading the woolen pattern

    Blow the balloon until it is the shape of an egg. Don't forget to do it up

    Pour the glue into a bowl and immerse about 2 meters of wool in it. Make sure that the threads are evenly covered with the glue

    Slowly wrap the wool around the balloon. Then leave it to dry for a night, preferably in a vertical position

    When the glue is dry, pierce the balloon and remove the leftovers

    All that is left is a wonderfully colorful egg with some candy inside!

    Good luck!
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