Cut It in Pieces and Hang It in the Garden. Pests Will Keep Away from Your Crops!

    Cut It in Pieces and Hang It in the Garden. Pests Will Keep Away from Your Crops!

    Cut It in Pieces and Hang It in the Garden. Pests Will Keep Away from Your Crops!
    6:04 PM EDT, July 25, 2023, updated: 3:01 PM EDT, July 30, 2023

    Using soap outside the bathroom and in general - the apartment - probably seems a bit absurd. Few people know, however, that it works very well against pests that want to get at our plants. How to use soap in the garden?

    The horrible face of soap!

    For reasons that are not fully understood, while our bodies tolerate or even enjoy soap, but insects do not share this enthusiasm. For many of them, coming into direct contact with soap ends in death…

    Scientists at this point can't quite answer why this actually happens. The fact is, however, that many insects are wary of soap.

    The best part, however, is that they won't need to come into contact with it at all for soap to play an important role in your garden.


    Why hang soap in the garden in pouches?

    A bar of soap may not only directly lead to the death of garden pests. It can also play a much greater role in deterring them from your flowers and crops in the first place.

    Many pests, once they smell them, will prefer to stay away. On the other hand, soap hung up in pouches will not harm your plants in any way. Nor will it pose a danger to children and pets, as long as you prepare the pouches with it head-on. We will now guide you step by step how to do it.


    How to use soap in the garden?

    All you need is a few cloth pouches, a few bars of soap, a knife, a stapler or needle and thread and scissors. As for the pouches, "mesh" ones will be the best, but regular ones will also do.

    Start by cutting the soap bars and then place them in the pouches. Sew the pouches together with a stapler or using a needle and thread, but do it in such a way that you only "catch" the edges of the pouch in a few places - so that there are a few holes through which air will easily get in.

    Now the only thing left for you to do is to hang up the pouches of soap. For insects, the smell of soap will be unpleasant enough to discourage them from approaching. If you have no way to do this, use wooden stakes. Although you can also use plant stems.

    Soap in the garden and beneficial rain

    The big advantage of this trick is that it works great, especially when the pouches are at least slightly damp. And that means it works better after rain, which is when many garden pests are most active. If there are long periods without rain, you can also sprinkle the soapy pouches with water to make them emit a more intense scent.

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