Your Work in the Garden Will Be More Pleasant if You Put Tea Bags in the Soil

    Your Work in the Garden Will Be More Pleasant if You Put Tea Bags in the Soil

    6:35 PM EDT, May 6, 2021

    If you drink tea, at least a few tea bags end up in the garbage can. There is a way, however, to recycle them.

    Versatility of tea

    The tannin that tea contains heals inflammations caused by sunburns. The bags can also be reused for bath aromatherapy or to marinate meat, giving it a better flavor.

    #1 Soil nutrients

    Burying tea bags in the garden ground will bring lots of benefits for your plants. Tea leaves make the soil more fertile as they add several nutrients. Most of them contain tannic acid which works as a natural fertilizer.

    If there are any plants that require alkaline or neutral medium, you shouldn't bury the bags there, as they will make the environment more acidic.

    #2 Repelling pests

    The smell of tea repels pests. Thanks to this simple and cheap trick you will keep them away from the flowers and vegetables you grow in your garden.


    #3 Accelerating the composting process

    The acid that tea contains effectively speeds up the loam formation. The acidic environment also supports the growth of bacteria enriching the soil.

    #4 Holding the humidity

    Burying the tea bags near roots will help the plants retain more water. Consequently, they will be better nourished and look more beautiful, too.

    #5 Tea bags as herbicides

    Tea slows down the growth of weeds. Why not take advantage of this fact, spend less time weeding and more admiring the beauty of your flowers?

    #6 Cat repellent

    Cats are not quite keen on the smell of tea. If you bury the bags, your pets won’t pee your plants. You can use this trick both in the garden and at home.

    #7 Fighting fungus

    Tea bags have some fungicidal properties, too. Just pour some tea into a spray bottle and apply it on the plants.

    Did you know that tea has got so many garden applications? If you know any other, please share them with us in your comments!

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