You Will Be Surprised to See What You Can Get Paid For. 10 Weird Jobs Worth Taking Up!

    You Will Be Surprised to See What You Can Get Paid For. 10 Weird Jobs Worth Taking Up!

    6:58 PM EDT, June 25, 2020

    I have got something special. A bunch of extraordinary jobs which, interestingly, can bring you quite a lot of cash!

    #1 Chewing gum remover

    Believe it or not, the Americans spend $3,000,000,000 per year on chewing gum. Now imagine the global amount! While some of us use the piece of paper to wrap it up before throwing away, others simply spit it out or stick it under the desk or the chair they are sitting on. Of course somebody has to clean it. Who are you gonna call? The gumbusters! They do it professionally, so if you still don’t have a clue how to start your first business, why not give it a thought?

    #2 Avocado tester

    Some time ago, ‘Good Fats’, an Australian restaurant, was looking for ‘an avocado quality manager’. The job included testing all 20 items from the menu and controlling quality of fruit that was bought for the restaurant. The applicants were required to have at least 2-year experience in spreading avocado on a slice of bread. They also had to pass general avocado knowledge test. Unfortunately, the job was not paid. However, you could enjoy free meals at the Drive Thru.

    #3 Professional best maid

    Have you got nothing to do on Saturday afternoons? Perhaps you would like to help arrange weddings? As it happens, there are businesses that offer best maids to hire. If you don’t have enough friends, or one of them falls ill just before the most important day of your life, why not reach out for the professional substitute?

    #4 Mattress tester

    Do you remember being young and jumping on the mattress, just like they did in the movies? Do you remember your parents yelling at you because of that? What would you say if I told you that you can fulfil the dream of your childhood and work as a mattress tester? Companies manufacturing mattresses employ people that have to jump or lie on their products in order to check if they are comfortable. A mattress tester can check up to three mattresses per day if the model is to be thoroughly verified. The working hours are usually 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. So if you are lucky, you won’t have to get up to earn a decent salary!

    #5 Odour tester

    Companies operating in the hygiene industry, for example Procter& Gamble, employ people whose job is to assess smells of soaps, shampoos, deodorants, etc. They rate the smells according to a 10-point scale, where the highest mark means ‘heavenly scent’ and the lowest stands for ‘stench of carcass’. In fact, finding a good tester is not so easy, so if you believe you are the right candidate because your sense of smells is perfect, start looking for a job like this now!

    #6 A professional apologiser

    Apologising is never easy. When you are particularly bad at it, why don’t you have your apologies done by a professional? On the other hand, if you are good at saying how sorry you are, how about taking up a job like that? Send your CV to agencies who are looking for people who can keep their calm and apologise to anybody for anything. It is sometimes the case that airlines or airports look for candidates to work at call centres where their sole job is to answer phone calls from dissatisfied customers and to apologise for any inconveniences the delays or cancelled flight may have caused.

    #7 Parmesan cheese listener

    High-quality parmesan tastes good and… sounds good. Professional parmesan cheese listeners hit it with an acoustic hammer to detect defects in the crystallisation process. If there are some, the person listening to the cheese takes a sample to be tried. The job calls for intensive training and exceptionally good sense of hearing. But it has some benefits. Eating cheese on regular basis is really good for your health.

    #8 Motorbike tester

    Have you been dreaming about a ride all over Europe on a brand new Harley Davidson? This cult brand was looking for candidates for a 2-month trip around 20 European countries to test their latest model. Apart from the adventure and long journey, the company offered 25,000 euros! Of course it was not only about pleasures. Your main responsibility would be running a blog and discovering the best routes for bikers.

    #9 Hotel and restaurant tester

    Luxurious travel agencies very often look for people who decide to visit the most expensive hotels and restaurants. The key skill is… enjoying the luxuries. The candidate will be responsible for submitting reports on visited places and giving opinion about the customer service standards. This is a really well-paid job. However, coming across an advertisement like this is really hard.

    #10 A professional cuddler

    Even if you are not in a romantic relationship, you can still experience cuddling and gain some benefits. A task like this can yield up to 80 dollars per hour. Professional cuddling invigorates the soul and the mind. It also makes the cuddled people feel loved. I must admit that this seems to be a very attractive job, especially when your customer is someone really attractive who badly needs a hug.

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