9 Women Who Have Realized They Are Starting to Act Like Their Own Mothers

    9 Women Who Have Realized They Are Starting to Act Like Their Own Mothers

    3:05 PM EDT, June 2, 2022, updated: 6:17 PM EDT, June 11, 2022

    At a young age, many people go through a period of rebellion and vow to themselves that they will never behave like their own mother. But as the years go by, priorities and values change. That's why one day you might realize that you unknowingly adopted your mom's behaviors 😉 And with that, time has come full circle.

    #1 Nap on Demand

    "I used to laugh from my mom when she took naps in her free time. Now I do the same."


    #2 Same Leggings

    When you're driving in the car and your mom tells you she loves leggings, and you realize you're wearing the exact same pair as her.


    #3 Attention to Order

    "It always annoyed me that my mom couldn't sleep if the house was a mess. I caught myself cleaning rooms until 3 a.m. after New Year's Eve and in a slightly intoxicated state."


    #4 Relaxation

    "My mom likes to relax well. She puts on a fluffy robe, slippers, sits in a big chair with a glass of wine and sings songs. The other day I realized that I did exactly the same thing. I guess I'm my own mother now ;)"


    #5 Eating at a Restaurant is Expensive

    "I ate at an expensive restaurant and for a while I thought how much better and cheaper it would be if I made the meal at home. Exactly like my mom;)"


    #6 Other Music Tastes

    "For 20 minutes I let the kids choose the music in the car. Later, I ask myself or the person next to me, how can they listen to something like that"


    #7 A Dog by Another Name

    "During stressful moments, my mom would start getting our dog's name wrong. I always laughed about it, and now I do the exact same thing."


    #8 Fighting Dirt

    "Me and my son were packing because we were leaving for Christmas. Later, I decided to still tame the clutter in the rooms. I can clean up when we get back, or isn't it? But I told my son to keep tidy because I didn't want to come back to a dirty house. Then I realized I was turning into my own mother."


    #9 Dinner Out

    "My niece ordered spaghetti to go. At the time, I told her that we have pasta at home and we can make dinner ourselves. It will be cheaper and we will save money. That's when I realized I was speaking in my mom's voice ;)"


    What traits did you take over from your mom?

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