Weekend Break in Adorable Winnie the Pooh Cottage

    Weekend Break in Adorable Winnie the Pooh Cottage

    2:51 AM EST, December 10, 2022, updated: 5:32 AM EST, December 12, 2022

    Are you reaming about living in the Hundred Acre Wood? Well, this ‘Bearbnb’ is now available to stay in – and it’s fit for Winnie and friends. 

    Everyone associates Winnie the Pooh's cottage with the classic Disney animation, but few know that the cottage and the forest really exist. In late September, two families had the opportunity to live in the home of their favorite bear for one night.

    Such A Special Occasion

    Winnie the Pooh's Cabin is a place created by a former Disney employee who was co-responsible for the animation. Until now, it has been his private retreat. Cottage features everything you’d expect from the home of our favourite yellow bear: it’s kitted out with honey pots, quaint patterned wallpaper and, best of all, an outdoor picnic table designed for elevenses and rent it out to tourists on the popular Airbnb website for few days.



    On September 24 and 25, two families had the opportunity to spend the night there and during the day walk through the Hundred Acre Wood (played by Ashdown Forest, the entire property is located in Nutley, UK), play teddy bear-puffs, which Pooh played with his friends, and sample local baked goods made with honey.


    "It Was Special!"

    The cottage from the outside is a meticulous reproduction of Winnie the Pooh's original hut from the animation. Inside, however, there are beds able to accommodate a total of 6 people and furniture reflecting the atmosphere of the famous bear's apartment. As one of the lucky ones, who managed to rent the place, wrote in his review, it was an amazing, absolutely magical experience, one of those that happen once in a lifetime.


    Would you like the opportunity to stay overnight in Pooh's cabin?

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