Which Woman Is the Mother of the Baby Playing in the Picture?

    Which Woman Is the Mother of the Baby Playing in the Picture?

    Which Woman Is the Mother of the Baby Playing in the Picture?
    6:36 PM EDT, June 29, 2020

    Sometimes it is really difficult to judge our own personality. At the same time we do not agree with opinions of others. Perhaps the best way to do it is solving personality quizzes that might reveal a bit more about who we are. This test distinguishes between two exceptional groups of people. Find out which of them you belong to.

    Look at the picture below. In the middle there is a child. On the left and on the right there is a woman. Try to guess which one is the mother.


    The woman on the left


    It turns out that most respondents choose the woman on the left. The main reason is that she looks older and more mature. People believe that this is what a mother should be like. If you have chosen this woman, it means you are a very creative person. You can think outside the box and discover new and unknown things.

    You don’t like being imposed somebody else’s point of view. That is why you prefer doing things following your own plan. It’s not a coincidence that you are into music, painting or writing. Your brain is set to work in the creative mode. You love expressing yourself in an artistic way and being with other people. You find it easy to make new friends. You are in the centre of attention not because you want it, but because others like listening to you. Remember, however, that this is your life and whatever you do it ought to be about you in the first place, not others. You have a lot of empathy – you want to help others, you connect with them emotionally and you can understand others.

    The woman on the right


    If you have chosen the woman on the right, then let me tell you that this is the correct answer. She is the mother of the child who is sitting the centre of the picture. Do you know why? The research shows that while playing children assume a posture that lets them keep eye contact with their mother. Also, children also crave their parents’ recognition and they need to make sure that what they are doing is right.

    If you have chosen the woman on the right, it shows that you pay attention to details. Your left brain hemisphere never stops working, even if you think that it is not occupied with anything particular. The left hemisphere is responsible for reasoning and logical thinking. You hardly ever show your emotions as you are a reasonable person always driven by the mind, not your heart. Whenever you make decisions you analyse facts and you never trust your intuition. You barely open yourself for others, you also appreciate your privacy and you don’t want to be talked about.

    Which woman did you choose?
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