What Should You Do When You Get Stuck between Level Crossing Barriers? This Knowledge Can Save Your Life

    What Should You Do When You Get Stuck between Level Crossing Barriers? This Knowledge Can Save Your Life

    8:16 PM EDT, July 3, 2020

    Although safety issues have been already given so much attention, there are still so many accidents, including those at level crossings. A person paralysed with fear may not know what to do when he/she gets stuck between the crossing barriers. Of course it is always the driver who is to blame as they shouldn’t be there in the first place after the barriers began to go down. In the first place never forget the common sense and the traffic rules. So many accidents could have been avoided…

    What should you do when you got stuck between the barriers?


    There are still so many accidents happening at level crossings. Drivers often do not stop before the ungated crossings or pay no attention to the signs, lights or barriers.


    It is essential that you keep your calm and know what to do once you get stuck. You must have heard it so many times that it is your life and the lives of your passengers that matters the most. That is why completely ignore any damage you might cause while trying to break the barriers. Remember that the barriers or gates are designed to be easily run over by vehicles. You only need to hit it with your car and it will break off easily without much damage to the equipment.

    Remember – if you get stuck at the crossing between the barriers, simply run them over

    This will not damage your car much and your civic responsibility insurance will cover the repair. Never try to park along the barriers or other manoeuvres. All you have to do is to break through. Every second matters!

    Here you can see how a driver gets onto the crossing that was being closed. He might have easily run it over, but he didn’t.

    The film below shows how you can easily escape from the closed level crossing.

    Please share this with your family and friends. Perhaps this could one day save their lives. Let us know in your comment if you have ever heard of it or perhaps there is something else you would do if you were stuck at the level crossing.

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