Waffle Blocks – Building During Breakfast. An Ingenious Idea Going Viral!

    Waffle Blocks – Building During Breakfast. An Ingenious Idea Going Viral!

    5:23 PM EDT, March 15, 2022, updated: 6:16 PM EDT, March 16, 2022

    With this waffle maker parents will no longer be able to say 'Stop playing with the food!' as they fill find it hard not to do that themselves!

    It all began with a Kickstarter campaign


    Waffle Wow, inspired by LEGO blocks, decided to develop a special kind of waffle maker. Thanks to it you can build stunning houses that you will... eat afterwards! It is a high-calorie Godzilla simulator as once you bring down a house or two, you can devour all the debris!

    The idea behind it was to make children's breakfast more creative


    Children are commonly known to be fussy, at least when it comes to food. The waffle maker, connecting fun and nutrition, can be a great attraction encouraging kids to increase their daily intake of calories and adding a pinch of variety to the family life.

    The only things that limits the device is our creativity!


    The founders of the project managed to attract 3,775 sponsors which translated into $265,645 support.

    Isn't it a delicious idea?

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