The True Story of the Most Secluded House in the World

Many of us have seen images of ‘the most secluded house in the world’ also referred to as ‘the introvertics’ dream house’. However, few of us know its true story.

The most secluded house in the world

The most secluded house in the world has been already shrouded in many legends which in fact have nothing to do with the truth.

Legends and myths


According to some rumors, there was a billionaire who had it built as a shelter in case of a zombie apocalypse. Another one claims it to be nothing but a photoshopped image.

Others believed that it belonged to Björk, a famous singer and composer from Iceland. In fact none of the stories is true

Hunting for the truth. And seals


The history of the house is much more trivial. It is located on the island of Elliðaey, a bit south of Iceland. In 18th century the island was inhabited by 5 fishermen families. As time passed, one after another moved out and in 1930’s the island was completely abandoned.

A hunting lodge


In 1953 the Elliðaey Hunters built a hunting lodge on the island so that its members could use it while hunting for seals and Atlantic puffins. And this is the hunting lodge that went viral.

Tourist attraction


At the moment the lodge has got all conveniences modern houses of this kind are expected to have, including electricity. The Association that built it is said to use it very rarely.

Few tourists


The house is visited by tourists who fall in love with it at first sight. However, it is not very easy to get the permission to visit the island.

Would you like to have such a house?

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