10 Ridiculous, Yet Very Expensive Things, That Someone Stole and Became a Legendary Thief

When a lot of money gets stolen, it’s not such a big deal. But how about someone seizing 5 tons of Nutella or a gorilla-shaped balloon worth $6,000? I wonder what the bad guys do with their loot next…


Today we’ve got a a bunch of insanely ridiculous theft stories.

#1 ‘I’ve got a spare NASA engine. Would you be interested?

You need to be really smart for a deal like this. In 2012 a man was trying to sell a Saturn RL-10 rocket engine worth about $200,000 which had been stolen from NASA. The best thing about it is that he was trying to sell it in an auction house. Last but not least this is how thieves always sell their stuff! Interestingly, the man denied having stolen the engine,. Instead, he claimed that he had bought on an online auction!

#2 Fairy-tale shoes for fairy-tale money

In 2005 in Grand Rapids, ruby Judy Garland’s shoes from the 1939 movie called ‘ The Wizard of Oz’ were stolen. They are worth approximately $ 3,000,000. In 2018 FBI managed to recover them – they found and captured the thieves after they had tried to extort money from a museum

#3 It’s in your bones

Dinosaur bones worth about $1,000,000 were stolen in Mongolia by a paleontologist named Eric Prokopy. He got arrested while trying to smuggle the loot into USA. He spend 3 months behind the bars and now helps the authorities in investigations of similar kind (yes, there is a black market of fossils).

#4 ‘My love is the size of gorilla.’

This is the only case here where something got stoles fur fun, not for profit. In American town of Simi Valley unknown offenders stole an inflated gorilla (10-meter high) that advertised a local car dealer. Somehow the thieves weren’t spotted by anyone, in spite of the monstrous size of the gorilla. Fortunately, very soon the item was found on the premises of a local high school. Much to the relief of the owner as the balloon was worth… $6,000!.

#5 Nutella freaks

In 2013 a German town of Niederaula was a scene of a theft of 5 tones of Nutella. The estimated value of the brown treasure was about $20,000. It must have taken the thieves a moment to unload the stuff from the truck…

#6 Problems with my hair. And head

A man broke into a hairdresser’s in American town of Largo and stole two baskets full of hairpieces. They were worth $ 32,000! Luckily the bad guy was caught red-handed on CCTV and the police quickly got him.

#7 At war with competition

In 2012 3 million liters of maple syrup got stolen in a Quebec, Canada. Somehow the thieves managed to steal 16,000 huge barrels of the liquid. When it was eventually found somewhere else, the owners of the premises claimed that they had bought it. Unfortunately, the police did not buy their story.

#8 Something little worth a lot

The Cellini Salt Cellar, a gold table sculpture worth $ 57,000,000, was stolen from the Vienna Museum of History of Art. In 2003 the thieves climbed the scaffolding, smashed a window and took the sculpture without even activating the anti-burglar alarm. However, they were caught when they were trying to sell it.

#9 A lesson of music

Stealing a violin does not sound tempting unless it’s a Davidoff-Morini Stradivarius. It is worth about $4,000,000 and was stolen in 1980 from a famous violinist called Erice Morini. She died soon after the theft. It took FBI 35 years to recover the precious instrument.

#10 A little cheesy. And a bit moldy

Wisconsin is the heart of American cheese industry. Something like a small Switzerland. And it was right there, in a town called Oak Creek, where 9 tones of cheese worth $50,000 was stolen, together with the truck. There are rumors that it was not the first time something like that had happened there. So perhaps the passion for cheese is really strong there…

Which one amused you the most?

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