14 Stories to Lift Your Spirit. Enjoy the Positive Energy Flowing from Each of Them!

Every day we are bombarded with plenty of news about human tragedy or evil roaming the earth. It is a really good idea to get away from it all from time to time and read something much more positive.
The bunch of stories below will definitely make you feel much better!

#1 “I’ve got something for you.’

‘I told me nephew some time ago no t to eat ice-cream as his mum had saw him copy my behavior and ice-cream, in her opinion, is not good for our health.
Today he dragged me into the bathroom and took out two popsicles saying ‘Hush! Let’s quickly eat it here before my mum finds out!’

#2 All the names of love

‘My husband asked me the other day what my favorite dish was. I told him it was fried chicken breasts. He was surprised and asked me why I didn’t cook them more often then. I told him that it’s just because they take so much work to prepare. Still, I love eating chicken breast. Since then my husband was working hard to learn how to make perfect chicken breast only to serve it for me. It took him some time but eventually he mastered this skill.
Apparently, love, which is often hidden in engagement rings or kisses, can also materialize as a piece of fried chicken breast!’

#3 ‘Our cat saw a child playing on a rocking horse. Now he leaps onto it and meows to show us he wants us to swing it!’

#4 This elderly gentleman from Australia knits sweaters for penguins hurt nearby oil rigs

#5 Mother!

The dog shown in the picture is called Diana. She has recently lost all her 7 puppies in a fire, which broke her down a lot. Her owners asked their neighbors for help and it soon turned out that one of them had a bitch who has just had a plenty of puppies and he is open to give them. So Diana is happy again as she can fulfill herself as a mother!

#6 This is what passionate love really looks like!

Obraz z ℓυηα мι αηgєℓ ♡ 2


#7 And this is how swans return their feelings to people who helped them

#8 Brothers

‘I have recently taken in a stray cat. After a few days it turned out he has got a brother who comes to visit him at night. I didn’t know what to do but my heart came up with the right clue. I have got two lovely furry pets now!’

#9 A homeless dog and a pelican who took care of him

#10 This TV presenter often comes to work together with her dog. Of course you will never see that on your TV set

#11 A dog shelter where children read fairy tales for the animals so that they won’t feel lonely

#12 They treat him like one of the crew. And he doesn’t even know he’s not a dog

#13 Sometimes words are completely useless

#14 This is just too cute to be true…

@spicymexicanbeanHello 🦋 ##fyp ##dogsoftiktok♬ Avatars Love – Javriii

Which one moved you the most?

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