15 Photos Which Will Change the Way You Think About History

Sometimes we need to see a few photographs to create our own image of something. Sometimes, however, a few photos is absolutely enough to turn the way we perceive things upside down.

The bunch of photos we have got here for you might be an enriching experience and a very good history lesson.

#1 A Dutch beach called Heemskerk in 1931. A man receives a fine for wearing an obscene outfit

#2 A crying 5-year-old girl, forced to work very hard (picking shrimps) due to her terrible situation

#3 Opening the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 27 May 1937


#4 A young woman fades due to unbearable heat, right in front of Princess Elisabeth during the inspection of the WRAC Guard of Honor on 6 July 1949

#5 A dinner inside Windows On The World in one of the WTC towers. 1993

#6 Opening the first McDonald’s in Moscow. 31 January 1990

#7 The morning in Stockholm right after Sweden changed the traffic law. 3 September 1967

#8 Adolf Hitler meets Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. 1941

#9 Solar therapy. 1928

#10 A massive traffic jam in front of the Brandenburg Gate. 1989

#11 Dog sleds of the first Australians exploring the Antarctic in 1911 – 1914

#12 Women protesting against compulsory hijabs, soon after the revolution on Iran in 1979

#13 Felix Wehrle – a man with very elastic and stretchable skin. The beginning of 20th century

#14 British sappers trained to disarm landmines ‘blindfold’. This is what let them work in darkness. 1943

#15 An American invention – a radio on a straw hat. 1931

Which photo surprised you the most?

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