25 People Who Just Couldn’t Believe It When They Had Their Online Shopping Delivered

Shopping online always includes some risk. You never know whether the box will contain the things you actually paid for. Watch the gallery and imagine the disappointment of the people. This is what happens when reality doesn’t come up to our expectations.

#1 The lace is a bit too low

#2 Always check the dimensions of the tent very carefully

#3 Is that really the blade?

#4 I guess we have to be realistic while choosing the size

#5 When sneakers are too close to slippers

#6 The mug looks just like (in) the picture

#7 A dinosaur that became a unicorn

#8 A teddy bear that has lost too much weight

#9 Pockets that will never come in handy

#10 A wedding dress only for very brave brides

#11 This is what happened with a cheap punch bag from China

#12 Two left sneakers. Just get two right ones

#13 A scary toy

#14 Isn’t the dress a bit too loose?

#15 Everything is a matter of perspective

#16 A miniature ring

#17 Only for professionals

#18 Whenever you go for a 50% discount in a shoe store, be aware that you might end up walking in one shoe only

#19 Loose and airy

#20 As for the color, it is correct

#21 I’m afraid there is a difference in colors

#22 The sole is rather controversial

#23 The battered faces of the puppies

#24 I’m afraid it’s rather hard to be a superhero wearing this

#25 A carpet. Perfect for a dollhouse

Have you ever received something that was nothing like the item you paid for? Could you share your story in a comment?

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