Lifeguards Carry an Elderly Lady to Let Her Enjoy Beach Holidays

Selfless help always stirs a lot of emotions. Especially when the final effect is someone having the time of their lives.

A senior on the beach

Kimberly Waterbury (from the USA) decided to take her mother, Dottie Schneider, to the beach. There would be nothing peculiar about it but for the fact that her mum is 95 years old, she has had a stroke and uses a wheelchair. Ignoring all the limitations the women left for Orange Beach in Alabama.

Lifeguards to the rescue


Once they reached the beach, it turned out that getting around the beach on the wheelchair was impossible. Kimberly was not able to push the wheelchair from the hotel to the deckchairs near the ocean. Luckily for her the lifeguards noticed that and immediately helped her.

Carried by the guards

The men let the lady sit in their all-terrain vehicle and gave her a lift to the edge of the beach. Finally, one of them picked her up and carried her to her deckchair. And they did it every day during the week the ladies stayed there. It was thanks to them that she could enjoy her time there.

To express her gratitude Kimberly offered them her cooler box filled with food.
When you look at a situation like this, once again you believe in people and your heart does rejoice!

When was the last time you helped someone?


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