Easy Recipe for PlayFoam! You can do it with kids at home

Today we have something, that will certainly be useful to parents who do not like how their kids play with plastic masses of unknown origin and composition – a homemeade PlayFoam! – a mass consisting of foam styrofoam balls!

What are the advantages of this toy?

Well first, you know what is inside! Also The mass stretches well and connects with each other. In addition, it does not stick to the hands and does not dirty them. So let’s get started!

What do you need?

– styrofoam balls
– liquid glue
– shaving cream
– any food coloring
– washing liquid


1. Squeeze a little shaving foam into the glass bowl

2. Pour the same amount of liquid glue into it and mix

3. Add the washing liquid (the same amount) to the prepared mass and mix thoroughly again

4. We add any food coloring

5. Put the ready mass into styrofoam balls

6. Gently wrap the mass with styrofoam balls so that the balls soak into it and take on its color

7. Ready

Enjoy! And share your own creative PlayFoam creations with us!

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