16 Professions That Have Almost Disappeared. Knowing Them Can Help You Solve Quite a Few Crossword Puzzles

Technology progress and mass production have swept away a number of jobs and there are some that are facing extinction for the same reason.

Jobs that walk away

Many professions common at the beginning of 20th century are absent from today’s market. Their work is redundant as it has been replaced by large production plants. Finding anyone doing any of the jobs listed below is not an easy thing to do.

#1 She helped women during labor, which usually took place at home. The job was usually done by women.

The answer: an accoucheuse


#2 A man working in a printing house who had to put all elements to be printed onto a page.

The answer: a clicker

#3 This person would make saddles, harnesses and other horse-riding accessories

The answer: a harness maker or a saddler

#4 He worked in public baths preparing the place for visitors

The answer: a bath attendant


#5 A craftsman manufacturing caps

The answer: a cap-maker

#6 A person who would shout out loud important announcements in towns and cities

The answer: A town crier or a bellman

#7 A woman who designs and makes hats for women

The answer: a milliner


#8 A craftsman making and fixing guns

The answer: a gunsmith


#9 A woman whose job was doing the laundry, without any machines of course.

The answer: a laundress

#10 He built and repaired stoves

The answer: a stove fitter

#11 They would shave, extract teeth, fix broken bones and cure mild diseases

The answers: a feldsher, a barber

#12 They collect and grow herbs to prepare medication based on them

The answer: a herbalist

#13 They make sieves

The answer: a siever

#14 They cleaned the cloth and prepared it for processing

The answer: a fullo

#15 This person created text on a machine to be stored and transferred to a printing mechanism

The answer: a typesetter

#16 A craftsman who makes objects of tin or bronze

The answer: a pewter maker

Would you add any other jobs to the list?

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